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What size is a hamster?


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Well, it depends on the hamster really. I have got 2 Syrian hamster, both girls, and they look exactly the same, its just one of them is really small and can fit in one of my hands, but the other wont even fit in both of my hands and her lets are hanging of. If you want to know the real size, i suggest you ask an expert!


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all hamster can use hamster ball and any age but have to be their size

my girl hamster had 15 babies

on a scale a hamster usually have up to 4 or 5 babies

The hamster's size has no bearing on gender. A hamster that eats a lot and doesn't get much exercise, will get gat.

The average litter size for a Syrian hamster is around 7 but can be anywhere up to 24

You shouldn't let them live together because it's regular for the regular sized hamster to eat the dwarf hamster.

about the size of your palm

About half of a watermelon.

if it is a dwarf hamster and a gerbil then a Gerbil but if you are talking about a regular biggish hamster then it can be the same size but usually the gerbil is bigger

the same as a regular hamster one but its just bigger

if you ever seen a hamster a baby guinea pig is about the size of a hamster.

A panda bear hamster gets about 34 centimeters long, they are about the average size of a regular hamster. Hoped I helped! :-}

about three fingers or two

A hamster and a mouse, erm, they don't actually fight, but I think depends on the size.

It only takes a few months for a hamster to grow to full adult size.

I have a dwarf hamster, and he is about the length of a pinkie finger, and 1 to 1 1/2 inches wide.

because a boy hamster has something come on his but that's half his body size its his stuff

Victoria is Selena Gomez's biggest fan!

about the size of a cheerio.

Yes, a hamster can die from having a cyst or many cysts in their body. It depends on the size and location of the cyst.

That really depends on the type of hamster. Syrian hamsters are much larger than russians, dwarfs, or roborovskys.

i think the hamsters size and speed would give it an advantage so I would say hamster.

The bigger the cage the better but not so big because your Hamster will do its buisness in more places which means that it'll take more time to clean. Depending on your size of Hamster, the depending of the size of cage. For more Information, visit:

About three to five inches in length.

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