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The same size as any other home plate, from softball to Baseball. All homeplates are the same. and bases. Just not the distance.

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Same size as henners powerbow strike which is on newitts

black is not an official part of the plate

50 feet for slow pitch softball, 46 feet for fast pitch.

No, you can not lead off the bases in slow-pitch softball. You can't even lead off the bases in fast-pitch softball.You have to wait until the ball passes the home plate.

There is no slow pitch softball for high school girls. In fact there is no slow pitch softball for middle school girls either. I would know since i play for my school.

For boys under 15 the pitcher's mound is 46 feet from home plate. For girls, it's forty feet for fast pitch and fifty feet for slow pitch.

Anything not inside the 1st and 3rd baselines and anything that hits home plate.

According to the National Softball Association rulebook, Women's Adult Slow Pitch Divisions shall have a pitching distance of 53 feet.

40 feet! I'm a pitcher in softball, exect it's fast pitch so slow pitch may be at 30 feet. I cant remeber! But I'm preety sure!

11" circumference for women's slow pitch softball.

60 feet in 2008: 65 feet in 2009 all slow pitch senior leagues

The commitment line is drawn perpendicular to the third base line 20 feet from the point of home plate.

A catcher can only block home plate if they have possession of the ball. This is true for any base. However, if the defensive player does not have possession of the ball and they block the plate, the runner is granted the base due to obstruction.

Back about 8 yrs ago when I was an ASA umpire, the ruling was that the ball was dead if it hit the plate.

Anything that hits the plate is considered a strike.

I have found various answers all over. No official dimensions exist but plent of leagues play by it. Some manufacturers call it a "mat" or a "home plate extension" or a "carpet." One league even mandates a gap the size of a softball between the mat and the plate. I'm making my own and we won't be playing with a gap. So, the dimensions I have decided to use to make my own are 17" wide (same as home plate) and 26" long. The notch in it is 8.5" deep to match the shape of the plate. The new total rectangle dimentions including home plate thus will be 17" wide by 34.5" long (8.5" side edge length of the plate + 26" extension).

For slow pitch softball, the mound is 50 feet from home plate for men, women, and girls. For boys under 18 it's 43 feet, and for boys under 15 it's 46 feet.

Slow pitch softball has "closed bases," which means the runners cannot leave their base until the ball reaches the plate. But they can steal then.

Although, there is no slow pitch in baseball, there is slow pitch and fast pitch in softball

12 inch for mens 11 inch for womens

Both, It depends on your league. I have played both ways. There are at least 2 mat size 16.5"x25" & 17"x36"

the pitcher must keep her main foot on the rubber at all times, in minor league the mound is 35ft from home plate, in major league the mound is 40ft from homeplate

A changeup pitch is a slow pitch thrown to look like a fastball.

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