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A 5.7ltr/350 cid. v-8, 185hp/360ft/lbs torque or a 7.4ltre/454 cid. V-8 300Hp/420ft/lbs torque. the 454 V-8 is a considerably larger engine.


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How do you fix a knocking fan motor on a 1993 Chevy truck?

You will have to replace it. The bearings are worn out in the blower motor.

What is the cylinder order on a 1993 Chevy truck with a 5.0 motor?

the fireing order is on the intake

Can a 1991 1500 Chevy truck 6 cylinder motor be replace in a 8 cylinder motor 1993 1500 Chevy truck?

Sure, You will have to change everything,motor mounts,computer,wire harness, exhaust, etc...

How do you replace the blower motor on a 93 Chevy truck?

First, take a socket wrench to remove the cover of the blower motor of a 1993 Chevy truck. Then pull the motor blower out and install a new one in its place. Lastly, screw the bolts of the blower motor cover back in.

Will a transmission from a 1994 Chevy pickup truck fit in a 1993 Chevy pickup truck?

Yes it will

How do you connect your floor shifter to your transfer case 4x4 Chevy truck 1993?

You connect your floor shifter to your transfer case in a 4x4 Chevy truck 1993 by getting under the truck and looking for the rod that comes from the shifter to the transfer case. Then, use the pin connector to connect the rod.

where can i get a seat for a 1993 chevy grumman stepvan?

where can I get a seat for a driver for a 1993 chevy grumman truck

What is the firing order for a Chevy half ton truck 1993 350 motor and where would you start on the distributor cap?

18436572 clockwise

Will 1993 Chevy cab fit a 1986 Chevy truck frame?

Yes. As long as they are the same style. Keep Orig. brake booster though unless same motor.

Came a steering column out of a 1993 Chevy truck be put in a 1990 Chevy truck?

yes, they should be identical.

What transmission is in a 1993 Chevy z71 4x4 truck?

The most common transmission in a 1993 Chevy Z71 with the 5.7 liter motor is a 700R4.New answer: The 93 1/2 tons have the 4L60E in them and the 3/4 Tons have the 4L80E in them.

What is the GVW of a Chevy 3500 Truck?

what is the gvw of a 1993 chevy 3500 vin#1gchk34f5pe176469

Will 1998 Chevy truck bed fit a 1993 Chevy truck?

Yes, so long as they're the same length bed.

Will a 1993 lumina alternator fit on a 1989 Chevy truck?


What is the torque pressure of 1993 Chevy truck?

That depends on what engine it has.

What year manual 2.5 V6 transmissions will interchange with a 1993 Chevy s10?

I have a 1993 Chevy S-10 Pick up truck, with a 2.5 V6 motor and 5 speed manual transmission.. I need to know what years will interchange with the transmission

1993 Chevy heat gauge want work?

1993 chevy 4.3 v6 1500 truck temp gauge inoperative,

Did Boyd cuddington built a Chevy truck?

In 1993 or 1994 he built a Chevy truck for Eddie Van Halen. It is called the "Van Hauler".

Will a 1993 Chevy truck engine fit in a 1990 Chevy Truck?

YES. Those 2 engines are the same. NO difference. It is a direct bolt in.

Will a 1993 Chevy 3500 truck bed fit a 1991 Chevy 3500?

YES, They are the same.

Is the 1993 Chevy truck fuel injected or carburated?

they are fuel injected.

What is the top speed of a 1993 Chevy truck?

i think 120 mph

Where is the transmission modulator on a 1993 Chevy truck?

It does not have one, it is computer controled.

What is horsepower of 1993 350 in Chevy half ton truck?

About 325HP

Where is the timing belt on a 1993 Chevy truck?

Doesn't have a timing belt.

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