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What size motor is in a 1986 cutlass supreme?

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if v6 2.8

I have the 307ci 5.0L V8 in mine...and it's stock.
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What size transmission is used on 1993 cutlass supreme?


What is tha size of the rear speakers for an 83 cutlass supreme?


What is axle nut size for 1993 olds cutlass supreme?


What size torx for a cutlass supreme brake job?

what size torx for a 96 ford bronco?

What size tires does a 1994 Olsmobile Cutlass Supreme have?

215/60/R16 is the best size.

What size transmission comes in a 1987 cutlass supreme?

It's a metric 200R4

What size fuel tank is in a 1995 cutlass supreme?

It holds 16.5 gallons.

What size speakers does a 1994 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme have?


What is the speaker size for a 1984 cutlass supreme?

3and a half in the dash and 4x10 in the trunk

What size of speakers does an 1988 cutlass supreme have?

Front = 3 & half, Rear = 4x10

What is the size of a 1996 oldsmobile cutlass supreme sl gas tank?

16.5 gallons

If a1987 Oldsmobile cutlass 5.0 what size would the motor be?

307 c.i.

What size transmission goes into a 83 cutlass supreme?

probably a BOP turbo 350 tranny.

What vehicles fit a p215 60r16 size tire standard?

199X Olds Cutlass Supreme

What is the trunk size of a 78 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme?

Around 15-16 cubic feet

Where to put the thermastate in a 1990 cutlass?

what size motor? 2.2 3.1 3.3 or 3.8

What stock size tire does a 1994 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme have?

215/60r16 if your stock rims are 16"

What size tires are on a 1993 cutlass supreme?

Look on the drivers side door at the specs decal for that information.

What size bolts are on a 1990 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme?

you probably have half American standard and half metric.

Can 22 inch rims fit on a 1978 cutlass supreme?

You can put 22 inch rims on a 1978 Cutlass Supreme as long as the bolt pattern matches. If the bolt pattern matches, you can put any size tire on your vehicle.

What is the replacement size for fuel tank strap bolts on a 88 olds cutlass ciera?

it should be a 15 mm bolt. that's what it is on my 91 cutlass supreme and my 93 beretta.

What is the Stock tire size for a 1984 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme 4 door?

check your drivers door specification decal fotr the tire size.

What size bodylift is needed to fit 24 inch rims on a 1987 cutlass supreme?

7 inch lift kit

What size tires are for 1983 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme?

The standard sized tires for a 1983 Olds Cutlass Supreme are 195/75/14. However, the car can also handle 215/65/15, 205/65/15, 205/75/14.

What is the size of a transmission on a 86 Oldsmobile cutlass?

If it's a Cutlass Supreme (RWD), 4 speed is a TH-200r4. 3 speed is a TH-250. Not sure about the FWD cars (Calais, Cierra).

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