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No need to change sizes with winter specialty tires. If your vehicle came with p235/75r15 tires, you can install the same size in a winter tire. Congrats on selecting a superior traction tire for safe winter driving, I suggest looking into the Nokian line of winter specialty tires if they are available in your area.

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Q: What size of winter tires should be put on a 1994 ford explorer?
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summer: 10W30 winter: 5W30

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look at the sticker in driver s door frame it is marked there

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What tires will fit my 1994 Ford F-150?

are there tires to fit on my 1994 ford f150 pickup truck besides 235/75/15

What size tire for 1994 Ford Explorer?

My 1993 and 1995 Ford Explorer XLT models came with P235 / 75 / R 15 all terrain tires - check the sticker on the end of your drivers door to see the original tire size that came on the vehicle

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Turn down the adjustor, and it should slide right off.

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