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The propeller size on an outboard engine, is dependant on the application. The size of the boat, and more particularly the weight it will carry, determines the propeller size.

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What is the weight of a 1991 Yamaha 150 outboard?

401.2 without prop

What size prop comes on a 90 Johnson?

The 90 hp Johnson outboard is not shipped with a propeller installed. The correct size is determined, and installed, when the engine is rigged on the boat.

Where is the impeller on a 2.2hp mercury outboard?

right behind the prop, on the same shaft

What is the value of 1996 175 hp mercury outboard motor with SS prop?


Why does Johnson outboard motor run well but the prop doesn't turn?

Replace the shear pin.

How can you make your 50HP Tohatsu outboard go faster?

change the prop pitch nah done that. its to do with the engine.

What is the weight of a 1998 mariner 200 outboard motor?

398lbs +prop and oil,gear lube 446lbs

Evinrude 25 horsepower outboard prop slips while under a load. Or could it be cavitation?

Sometimes the center of the prop breaks loose and slips or the splines get stripped. Also check to make sure you have the correct pitch prop for that motor and it is fastened securely.

What is recommended 1996 Force 90 hp outboard motor propeller?

Mine has a 12 3/4 X 21 and does well (I believe it's my stock prop). I'm pushing a 17' Skeeter Bass Boat. Hope this helps. Scott

How fast will a 12 foot aluminum boat go with a 10 hp outboard?

With 1 person in it say 180 lbs. It will go 15-20 mph. This assumes the outboard is running well and the prop in good shape.

How much horsepower does a 4.0 Mercury boat motor have?

A 4 hp Mercury outboard, produces a true 4 hp, rated at the prop.

What is the fastest 15 hp outboard?

I have a 15hp Nissan 4-stroke on a 14x32 Jon Boat and have a 13" pitch Powertech Prop and I get a max speed of 34.5mph.

Should an outboard prop spin while in neutral?

In neutral, the propeller shaft is not engaged with any other part of the motor so the prop will spin freely. You'll often see this when a boat is being towed down the highway - the prop is spinning the same as a windmill does in the wind. It's best to let it spin cause if you put the motor in gear and the prop hits something, such as your driveway while you're going in or out of your yard, there is no give and you could damage your prop or worse, the gears inside.

Did mercury make a 260 hp outboard?

yes mercury made a 260hp engine. it is a 2.5 ltr v6 2 stroke, the early carby models made 245hp, then went efi which made 260hp at the prop, 7500rpm redline. then they bought out the same block with different porting and electrics around 1999ish. this engine made 280hp @ the prop. these engine are race engines. not your normal fishing outboard

Why do helicopters spin around when they crash?

They do not always "crash" in this manner. although when they do, it is mainly due the instabilization of the tail prop. ============================================================ if the tail prop is not spining the rotation of the main rotor will force the helicopter to spin in the opposite direction, by air drag, the tail counterbalances this force.

I have a 60 hp mercury outboard The bottom tip of the skeg was broken off about 2 to 2 12 It does not seem to be effecting handling or performance is it necessary to try to fix it?

It's good to repair it as it protects your lower unit and prop. However it won't affect handling. It is not a rudder, it is a prop protector.

Will a 3 hp outboard push a 14 ft aluminum?

Sure! So will a trolling motor. Maybe not as fast as you'd like, but as long as you keep the prop out of the weeds, you'll move.

Does a Johnson 135 outboard motor have enough power to pull a water skier?

It all depends on your boat first and the actual skiers to a lessor degree. If you have smaller ski or fishing boat (19' or shorter), then that is more than enough power to pull whatever or whoever you want to with it. I am 6'1" and stocky in my earlier days, but I have skied behind a 17' bass boat with a 70 hp outboard pretty effortlessly. If your boat is 20' or larger, then it comes down to the weight of your boat, the type of prop you have, etc. and it is less likely that you will be skiing much with that boat/motor combination. **Worse case, try it... You will either pull the skiier up, or not. Remember too that you can change your prop to a power take off prop that will give you more BITE from a dead stop for this situation, but takes a little of your top end speed away.

How do you flush out a 9.9hp mercury outboard?

The 9.9 hp Mercury outboard requires a special flusher, and removal of the propeller is suggested for ease of installation. You can use a regular flusher if you position it just right, (the water pick-up is located underneath the anti-ventilation plate, above the prop), but I find it easier to use a barrel or waste can.

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