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What size radial tires can you put on your 1969 Pontiac Firebird?

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We put B.F. Goodrich T/A Radials, P255/60R15 on all four corners of our 1969 Firebird. The rear tires really fill up the wheel well, and look great. They almost rub, but not quite. The front tires didn't fit. They rub when turning in either direction. We installed a spare set of P215/70R15 on the front. They look good, are about the same diameter as the bigger tires in back, and don't rub too bad. They only rub when you turn very tight (like when parking) and the contact is at the rear of the wheel well. There isn't anything making contact that could cut the tires. I would recomend 245/60 14 on the back and 215/70 14 on the front providing you are using a factory 14x7 wheel. The total height of these tires are within .5 of an inch. I did this on a 69 chevelle and it looked and handled nice.

2005-04-27 14:30:26
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Q: What size radial tires can you put on your 1969 Pontiac Firebird?
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