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What size shoe does Kevin of NLT wear?


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2008-10-09 00:29:36
2008-10-09 00:29:36

He wears a size 85 no joke ask anyone!!!!


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Kevin McHale is about 5'7 which he says in an Interveiw on 'Fox all access' and in a NLT song - Cant Believe it remix. 'I know you wanna man who's over 5'7 but you ain't never met Kevin from NLT'

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Travis, JJ,Kevin and V

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-"Kevin McHale is a singer in a group called NLT or another Kevin McHale is a basketball player and one more Kevin is in Glee. He plays Artie Abrams." The Kevin McHale that was in the boyband NLT (Not Like Them) is the same person who plays Artie Abrams on Glee.

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Kevin is 21 years old. His Birthday is June 14, 1988.

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