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What size spark plug fits a Briggs and stration 4.5hp motor?

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It is usually a Champion plug RJ19LM. The gap is .030 inches. This plug is usually used with B&S engines from 3hp - 6hp.

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How do you open engine cover on a Chrysler 691cc boat motor?

There is a switch or lever under the front part of the motor it will be right between the steering links under the bottom front of the mounts My 45hp / 691cc has a lever under the front right of the motor cover facing the back of the boat.

How do you fix a carbureter from a 71 mercury 45hp outboard motor?

This is a fairly vague question to answer, but generally all that is needed for an outboard carburetor is a good cleaning, and to install a new gasket kit. Hope this helps.

How much horsepower does the 2009 yzf 450 r have?

stock about 45hp

How much horsepower does an international 2424 tractor have?

About 45hp with about 36hp at pto

What is the maximum speed of the pick-up peugeot 404 diesel 4cyl 45hp 1972?

The maximum speed of the 1972 Peugeot pick-up 404 diesel 4cyl 45hp is 85 mph.

How much horse power does a trx 450 er have?

45HP and i think 32 Torque

Which is the maximum speed of pick-up peugeot 404 diesel motor indenor diesel 4cyl 45HP 1975?

The maximum speed would be only fifty five on all major highways because that is the legal speed limit.

What is the gas oil mix ratio of a 1975 45hp Chrysler outboard motor?

The 1975 model, 45 hp Chrysler outboard, requires a 50:1 ratio, roughly one pint of 2 cycle oil, to six gallons of fuel.

What is the horsepower of a bombardier Citation ss 377 snowmobile?

4500 lol is the designation bc they have about 45hp crank

Which is the maximum speed of pick-up Peugeot 404 diesel 4cyl 45HP 1975?

The maximum speed of the 1975 Peugeot 400, diesel, 4 cyl, 45 HP is 135 miles per hour.

Which is the approximate maximum speed Chevrolet 400 diesel 4-cylinder 45HP 1972?

The approximate maximum speed of the 1972 Chevrolet 400 with a diesel, 4 cylinder, 45 HP engine was 79 miles per hour.

How fast does an RM 250 go?

the rm 250 goes 90mph the rm 250 goes 90mph The one you get from the dealer goes about 65 to 70mph - 5speed close ratio transmission with a big rear might have 45hp, but doesn't have the legs to go 90mph.

How much horse power does a 1996 3000Gt have?

around 45hp cause i own *edited by morri908* ....... You must have miss typed that... It depends on the style, like Base, SL, or VR4. Base and SL have about 222 HP, while the Twin Turbo VR4 has somewhere around 300..

Which was the maximum speed of jeep ika diesel 4-cylinder 45HP 1973?

The Jeep IKA diesel was produced from the years 1962 to 1988. The maximum speed of a 1973 Jeep IKA diesel 4 cylinder 45 HP is around 70 miles per hour.

How can you replace the 2.8 V6 engine in a 1992 Chevy Beretta with a 1994 3.1 V6?

First of all, if the 1994 3.1L V6 is MPFI, from a Cavalier for example (the LAST year GM used them), then YES. It will swap in, bolt to your transmission, and utilize all current sensors, connectors, hoses, and motor mounts -- even the ECU and harness! It's an easy way to gain ~20hp over your tired old 2.8L. Keep in mind, though, that the 3.1L ceased production in 1994, and most of them in the yards are now over 15 years old (with miles to match). A rebuild is highly recommended, and that adds more $$$ to the swap. But you're in luck! You have a 1992 Beretta, which has a newer style right side upper motor mount. This makes swapping in a 3400V6 a breeze. They were introduced in 1996 and can be had for as little as $400 in some yards. Since the 3400 is still in production, the odds of finding one with low miles is good. This will save you time and money on a rebuild, and gain you an EASY 45hp & 40 lb/ft over your current engine (and a 9.6:1 vs 8.9:1 ratio). This swap is a little more involved, but you can still keep your ECU and run the engine in constant MPFI mode (as opposed to SFI). I would include the 3400 fuel rail, to utilize the bigger injectors. If you can, go with a 2001+ model for improved throttle body, intake, and lifters, or 2003+ for better cylinder heads and pushrods as well. If you want even more power/dependability, (and are up to the task), you can take on swapping in a 2004+ 3500V6! They are rated at 200hp and 220 lb/ft, with 9.8:1 compression ratio, and an estimated 23 city/32 hwy fuel efficiency. Aside from the fuel rail/injectors, you will need to purchase an aftermarket throttle body (as the 3500 utilizes drive-by-wire, which you'll need to bypass). This gives you a very nice starting point, and opens the door to aftermarket performance mods. More details and information can be found in the forum. Good luck! ;-)

What is the torque for the flywheel nut on mercury 45 hp outboard?

What is the torque for the flywheel nut on mercury 200 h.p. Johngig123's answer; Per the manual I have for Mercury outboards; 4-cyl. models 45, 50, 500 and 650- 65 ft-lb (88Nm) 3-cyl. models 50, 60, 70 650 and 700 - 85 ft-lb (115Nm) 4-cyl. models 75, 80, 800 and 850 - 100 ft-lb (136NM) section of manual data taken from covers; 45hp 4-cyl 1986 & on model 500 4-cyl 1965-79 50hp 4-cyl 1980-1985 50hp 3-cyl 1986-90 60hp 3-cyl 1984-90 model 650 4-cyl 1965-71 model 700 3-cyl 1980-83 75hp 4-cyl 1984-86 model 800 4-cyl 1969-72 model 800 4-cyl 1978-79 80hp 4-cyl 1980-83 model 850 4-cyl 1973-77

How much horsepower does a 2007 Yamaha YFZ450 have?

Arctic Cat (suzuki engines, except the kawi-powered V2, and arctic cat's own H1):500: (2003 and up have slightly detuned Vinson engine): 32hp @7000rpm, 34 lb-ft torque at 3500rpm (pre-03 had 28/30.5)300: 14hp650 V2: (close to prarie 650)454 Bearcat: 28hpBombardier (Rotax engines):Outty 800: 62hp @ ? rpm, 52tq @ 5500rpmQuest 650: 42hpOutty 400: 28hpDS 650: 49hpHonda:Rincon 650: 39hpForeman 450: 24hpTRX 300: 16hpRancher 350: 19hp400EX: 27hp300EX: 21hpTRX450R: 42hp (questionable)Kawaski:BF750: 51hpPrarie 700: 46hpPrarie 650: 42hpV-Force 700: 51hpPolaris:SP700: 45hpSP500: 32hpSP500 HO: 37hp (same as scrambler 500)SP800: 55hp/50tq400 (2-stroke): 35hpSP335: 22hp425 Magnum: 27hpSuzuki:KQ700: 49hpKQ300: 14hpLT500: 53hpEiger 400: 24hpVinson 500: 34hpYamaha:Grizz 660: 42hp/35tqWarrior/Wolverine 350: 19hp/19tqRaptor 660: 43hpKodiak 400: 21hpBig Bear 350: 18hpGrizzly 600: 37hpBanshee 350: 39hpYZF 450: 39hp----since its a YFZ its a four stroke, for every 24.8 cc's on an engine theres one horsepower... divide 450 by 24.8 and you get around 24.867 horspower

How much horsepower do Yamaha Banshees have?

I have a 1996 Banshee that I recently started dropping a little money into. Really just to make it more competitive with the new famed 4 strokes, mostly 450R's and Suzuki Quadracer 450S. Everything else I pretty much beat, except Outlaws... When I got the Banshee it was completely stock as far as I know. Im positive the bore and everything was, the only possible thing that wasnt was jets, but not likely. When first put on the dyno, stock, it made right at 35 horsepower. Shortly after I took the ugly black stock pipes and silencers off, added ProCurcuit platinum pipes and silencers, a jetkit and boost bottle and it jumped up to 42 horsepower. These things thrive off small bolt-on mods like this. A few months later I was bored with it again, so I added Boyesen Stage 2 reeds, stage 3 jets, 4 Mil Hotcams crank, and bought a .40 over piston kit from wiseco. A few other small things not worth mentioning and suddenly this thing has torque, which Banshees are notorious for not having on low end! Now my old beater Shee, which isn't quite a beater anymore, makes over 60 horsepower and has neck snapping torque even on the low end every time you twist the throttle, yes twist. I added Elkin suspension and this thing runs rings around the new little 4stroke thumpers. My riding buddy has an 06 Raptor 700, bored to a 740cc i believe, full exhaust, sprocket swaps and stage 2 cams, I blow him out every time he decides to lay on his throttle :) Since it now has more than tolerable handling with the elkin complete kit (+2 arms, Wider axle and improved piggyback shocks, go take a look at Elkin products) its not just a straight line bullet. So if youre asking about stock horsepower, around 35 horsepower is your answer. Slightly modded with no engine tearing down (common bolt-ons) 40-45HP. But the possibilities for these things are endless if you have the money, ive seen dune shees go upwards of 100HP when you add longer stroke crankshafts, new heads for example cheetah cub, alcohol and so on.... and of course the crazy 600CC sportbike engine swap! 125-160HP!! I have always, and probably always will be for as long as they allow me, be a 2 stroke nut. That's all I've had as far as ATV's go and I love them. Yes I've ridden the new era 4 strokes, and theyre just not my cup of tea. Ill stick to my 88' 250R, 2 blasters (highly modded) and my beloved Banshee :) Theres nothing like that 2 stroke sound and ungodly powerband. Hope this helps.