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Rear speakers are oval 6x8

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Q: What size speakers are in the rear of a 1998 ford escort zx2?
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How do you remove the rear drum brakes on a 1998 Ford Escort?

How do you remove the rear drum brakes on a 1998 ford escort

Can i get a 1998 ford escort rear brake diagram?

brake diagram for 1998 ford escort

What size speakers are in a 1997 Ford Escort?

The 1997 Ford escort has front speakers that measure three inches by four inches. The rear speakers measure six inches by four inches.

What size speakers are in the 2002 ford escort ZX2?

6.5" front door speakers and 6x8" rear deck speakers.

What are the rear speakers for a 1998 Ford Expedition?

all the door speakers are 6x8 on the 98 ford expedition.

Does a 1998 Ford Contour have rear speakers?

they only have them running to the rear doors

What size speakers does a 99 ford zx2 have?

'99 Ford Escort ZX2: 6.5" front, 6x8" rear

Whats 1997 ford escort speaker sizes?

front speakers: 6 1/2 rear speakers: 6x8

What size speakers are in your 1999 Ford Escort ZX2?

i believe the rear speakers are 5x9 and the front are 51/2 round

What is the size of speakers in a ford escort sport model?

The rear speakers are 6"x8"s and the fronts are 6 1/2" component speakers

What size speakers fit in a 1998 Ford Expedition?

6X8 inch speakers for front and rear doors.

Location of the starter motor on a 1998 mk6 ford escort zetec - front or rear?

The 1998 Ford Escort starter motor is located on the rear of the engine. The starter motor will be on the right hand side, near the bottom of the motor.

How do you remove rear speaker covers on a 1998 Ford Expedition?

If your talking about the door speakers then you will have to remove the door panels to get to the speakers.

What size are the speaker in rear doors of 1998 Ford Expedition?

All 4 doors speakers on the Ford Expedition are 6x8.

What is the size of the rear speakers on a 1994 Ford Escort lx 2dr?

6 inch. Shallow 6 1/2" speakers will work, as I'm not aware of any 6" after market speakers.

Are 1998 seat ibiza fitted with rear speakers?

some do have rear speakers but you will have to check it

What is the size speaker of a speaker for a 2002 ford escort?

* == ; Front speakers : Front Door: 6-1/2" ; Rear speakers : Rear Deck: 6x8

What size of speakers front and back do you need for a 1995 Ford Escort Station Wagon LX?

The front door panel speakers should be a 6 1/2" and the rear are 5x7".

Will 6x9 speakers fit in a 98 ford escort?

they can, if you modify the rear deck. here's how; carefully remove the rear deck. then cut out an opening where the old speaker was underneath. next put the rear deck back in and put your 6x9 ontop of the rear deck. you should be able to screw your speakers into the rear deck

What are the speaker sizes in a 1999 Ford Escort SE Front and rear?

the rears are 7"x5" and the front are 6 1/2" (16.5cms) cicular speakers

Does a 97 ford contour rear bumper fits 03 ford escort?

No, it does not.

What size are the rear speakers on a Ford Escort?

We need to know more. 1.) Year of Car 2.) Body Style (DX, LX, Wagon) 3.) Engine Size Please update this question, to get the proper answer. 1995 Ford Escort LX 1.9L

Does your 1998 Eddie have a built in amplifier?

i have a 1998 ford explorer Eddie baurer and my rear speakers do not work the subwoofer in the trunk is blown out but that does not explain why my back door speakers are not working i was wondering you could tell me possibly why that is

What size speakers are in a 99 ford f150 supercab?

Both the front door speakers and the speakers in the rear are standard Ford 6"x8".

What size is the front and rear speakers on a 1996 ford explorer sport?

Front and rear speakers are 6 X 8.