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24 mm i believe

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Q: What size spindle socket is needed for a 91 ford f150 4x4 to removing hub wheel to replace wheel bearing?
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How do you replace a right front wheel bearing on a 1994 geo metro?

This job requires removing seven individual parts in the proper order and the use of special tools for removal and reseating of the replacement bearing and seal. It's probably not a job that should be taken on by anyone who needed to ask this question.

What is the diffrence of a 19MM bottom bracket and a 22MM bottom bracket?

The difference is the size of the hole in the center of the bearing. A 19mm bottom bracket will fit a 19mm crank spindle (profile cranks have a 19mm spindle). A 22mm bottom bracket will have a hole in the center that is 22mm. a 22mm spindle (eclat tibia cranks have a 22mm spindle) will fit in the 22mm bottom bracket. The size of the bottom bracket needed depends on the size of your crank's spindle size.

What are the tools and procedures needed to replace a front drive wheel bearing on a 97 Chevy Cavalier?

Make darn sure it isn't the tire first. Take the strut off, and have the bearing pressed.

What bearing are needed for rebuilding the Chevy 350?

Cam bearings, Rod and Main bearings. That will be all of the bearings required to replace when rebuilding a 350 engine.

Why is your front end squeeking and abs light on?

You didn't say what you were working on, But it sounds like you have a bad wheel bearing Assembly and the front axel is moveing around and has gotten into the brake sensor sometime are another. Check and replace wheel bearing and sensor as needed.

What size socket is needed to remove spindle nut for 1997 Honda accord?


Do I need special tools to replace my spark plugs?

To replace spark plugs, you can use a socket wrench, but a socket made for removing and replacing spark plugs is needed. This socket is relatively inexpensive and can be found at most auto parts stores.

How do you replace brake rotors on a 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier?

Real easy. After removing the brake caliper, tap, if needed, the rotor loose from behind. By the way, I found out today the caliper cyclinders can be squeezed with a C clamp before the removal. This eases the whole process of the removing and reinstalling new pads.

Is the front axle nut needed on a 2001 Mitsubishi eclipse?

yes it is what keeps the axle from falling out of the spindle assembly.

How do you change rear wheel bearing on a 1994 Chevy 1500 truck?

Raise the rear of the truck up and block up. Remove tires and brake drums. Drain rear differential by removing the cover. Remove the retaining bolt for the center pin in the cluster gears. Remove the center pin. Push axles inward, and remove c clip from cluster end of axle. Slide axle out. Remove seal. Remove circlip from wheel bearing. Remove bearing, a slide hammer style puller may be needed to remove bearing.

Tools Needed to replace front brakes 2002 Ford Focus?

Tools needed to replace front brakes 2002 Ford Focus?

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What tools are needed to change a wheel bearing?

Bearing needs to be pressed old out and new pressed in. Cost about $40 to have it removed from auto shop. But you can install it by chilling (freezer) the replacement bearing overnight and then heat the hub (200 oven don't want to melt the inner bearing seal) and drive the new bearing in with a soft hammer or wood block. Don't forget the bearing seals innerfirst before the bearing and then outer after bearing is in. Best to remove hub and do it on a bench.

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Why is a ball bearing needed for the transmission in a 1986 Chevy s10?

If it is a standard transmission S10 maybe they are talking about the "throwout bearing" which is part of the clutch operation that can go bad.

How do you remove the rear inner wheel bearing on a '74 VW Type 1?

More information needed, and need memory refreshed. Do you mean the bearing that is mounted on the rear axle assembly, the CV joint bearing, or the bearing in the transmission. As I recall, Type 1 is a VW bug. Please verify.

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What tools are needed to replace secondary air pump on a 2001 Oldsmobile intrique?

What tools are needed to replace secondary air pump on 2001 Oldsmobile intrique

Tools needed to replace fuel pump on a 1996 Plymouth breeze?

no special tools are needed

What gaskets are needed to replace the knock sensor on a Nissan Frontier?

how many gaskets and which ones are needed when you replace the knock sensor on a Nissan frontier w/a 3.3l v6 engine?

What size socket is needed to remove the rear hub bearing nut on a 2000 dodge stratus?


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