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i don't know, as that car does not exist. prizm went to Chevy in 1998.

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Q: What size tire for 2000 geo prizm?
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What is the tire size for Geo prizm 95?

The tire size is usually 185/65/14.

What is the tire size for a 1997 geo prizm?

Look in the owners' manual or on the driver's door post.

What tire will fit a 2001 geo prizm?

OEM is P175/65R14

How do you get a 1991 Geo prizm into overdrive?

My 1991 Geo Prizm LSI does not have overdrive My 1991 Geo Prizm LSI does not have overdrive

When was Geo Prizm created?

Geo Prizm was created in 1989.

What is a Geo Prizm compatible with?

Geo Prizm is compatible with the Toyota Corolla.

What is the CV joint nut size on a 1993 Geo prism?

For my 94 Geo Prizm it's a 30mm.

Where is gasoline filter on 1990 Geo Prizm?

behind the drivers side rear tire on the frame

What is the tire size for a 1995 Geo Prizm?

It's either 175/65/14 or 185/65/14 depending on whether or not it is a base or LSI. The 1995 Prizm LSI has 185/65/14. It might depend on the rims you have on the car too.

What size gas tank in a geo prizm 1992?

Probably 10 gallons (I own a 1996 Prizm with a 10 gallon tank).

What size gas tank does a 1993 Geo Prizm have?

I have a 1996 Prizm, and it has a 10 Gallon tank. Yours is most likely the same.

What is the engine oil capacity for a 2000 geo prizm with 1.6L engine?

4 quarts

Where are vin cevrolet geo prizm 1994?

How can find vin geo prizm cevrolet 1994?

Does a 1994 Geo Prizm have a timing belt or a timing chain?

1994 Geo Prizm has a timing belt.

Why is a 1992 geo prizm overheated?

i had 1991 geo prizm but i want to know what color memory wire??

1996 geo prizm belt routing diagram 1.6L?

belt diagram for a 1996 Geo Prizm

Where is the vacuum diagram located on 1990 Geo Prizm?

where is the vacuum diagram located on 1995 geo prizm

How many fuel filters on a 1994 geo prizm?

Take of the front tire, driver side. The fuel filter is right there.

How do you adjust the clutch pedal on a 1995 Geo Prizm?

how much cost to change a clutch for a geo prizm 1995

Where is the oil pressure switch on a 1994 GEO Prizm?

where is located the oil pressure switch for 94 geo prizm

Will a Toyota corolla transmission fit in a Geo Prizm?

what transmission will fit in a 3 speed 1990 geo prizm

Geo prizm speaker size?

Usually 6.5-7" rear, 4.5-4.75" front

What is the tire size on a 1991 Geo Metro hatchback?

don't know what size it is

What is prizm maker?


How do you replace the timing belt on a 1994 Geo Prizm 1.6?

How do you replace the timing belt on a 1994 Geo Prizm 1.6?

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