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What size tires for a convertible 1972 Oldsmobile Delta Royale 88?


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The correct tire size for a convertible 1972 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale is 225/75 R15.


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8.00 x 14-inch Tires (Coupe), 8.50 x 14-inch Tires (Convertible).

If im not mistaken on mine I had 225/75/15 size tires.

There are many places where new tires can be purchased for a Chrysler Sebring Convertible. Sears, Pepboys, Goodyear and Firestone companies all sell Chrysler Sebring Convertible tires.

Depends on where you live. There are 18 major tire manufacturers who produce tires for Delta.

NO, they were made for 15 inch tires.

I just put Michelin P215 60 HR 16 Primacy MXV4 tires on our 2004 Sebring Convertible GTC with stock wheels. Car drives and handles much better.


if its a four door Oldsmobile than you need to put 35 psi in both rear and front tires, I own one :)

The tires that came stock on the 1959 Impala were the OEM. On the convertible they were the 235 blue-flame tires. OEM stands for the original equipment manufacturer.

The factory size for the 1975 coupe and convertible is: 225/70-15

What Year? Sorry, a mercury capri convertible 1991

I have a set of 4 11-15 Delta Happy Hobos forsale

as much as you want or whatever the tire recommends

Goodyear Eagle, Hoosier, Prolly more but these are just good quality tires.

No, the front. A Chrysler Sebring is front wheel drive.

The factory tire size for a 2004 Oldsmobile Alero is 255-50 R16. These tires can be purchased at stores such as Firestorm or Goodyear.

Sonata with base Sirius II 4 cylinder has P205/65HR15 tires Sonata with 2.7 Delta V6 has P205/60HR16

I believe they would have been 215/70 R15.

You will need to change the Oil and filter, spark plugs, spark wires, fuel filter, air filter, oxygen sensor, thermostat, drain flush and refill the cooling system, and (if needed): change the breaks, rotate the tires, and change the transmission fluid.

Not with out a lift of some type. I'm looking at doing it to a friend of mine. probably about a 2" lift will be required. original tires are 25.6 " in dia new ones are 27.7" maybe fender trimming as well.

I am driving a 2001 XK8 in winter in New England. Just use all season tires- I chose Kumho Ecsta LX Platinum tires for better snow and cold temperature performance.

Pull the tires off and take the brake calipers off and the rotors will pull off.

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