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What size wire should be used for the 220 volts furnace in a home?

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It is not the voltage you need to be concerned with, it is the amp draw. What is the amp draw for the furnace? More than likely, you will need 12AWG or 14AWG.

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What is the first step to replacing my electric furnace with a gas furnace?

Meet with your installer to determine the capacity of your new furnace. The furnace capacity should be matched with the size of the house. You want to get a furnace that heats a house without overheating the home. Because your furnace will be newer, it will take less energy to heat your home.

How many btu furnace to heat a 3200 sq ft home in upstate NY?

A general rule of thumb in estimating the size of furnace needed to heat a home is to find the square footage of the home, and multiply that by 45 BTU (British Thermal Unit). For a 3200 square foot home a furnace somewhere in the range of 144,000 BTU would be a reasonable estimation of the furnace size needed to heat the home. To find the most efficient furnace for any given home, however, it would be best to contact an HVAC professional who can perform a load-calculation.

How much power does an oil fired furnace use?

To answer this question the size of the blower motor and the size of the ignition transformer must be stated. The amperage of these devices will be added together and multiplied by the voltage of the furnace to reach the total power consumption. Watts = Amps x Volts.

How do you figure how big a furnace do to heat a home?

You take the size of your home in square feet and times it by how many rooms you have. A 70,000 BTU furnace will heat a house 1600 square feet.

What size furnace do you need for your house?

1200 foot propane furnace what size do i need

What size furnace do I need?

The size of the furnace depends on the square footage of the house you are heating.

What size copper wire should be used for 80 Amps 240 volts?

The length of wire needed will dictate wire size as much as amps and volts.

How big a house will a 75000 btu furnace heat?

Heat load calculations need to be conducted for home to determine the proper size furnace. There is no simple answer to this question. There are a number of factors that can effect what size your furnace should be. Example: square footage, duct work size, insulation factors, windows etc. I recommend having a heating professional look at your home and conduct a heat load calculation. Over sized and under sized furnaces can cause you number out problems in the long run.

What size furnace should you put in a 2200 square foot house?

1'ooo,ooo btu effin furnace outta do the job..your welcome

What size gas furnace for a 2300 square foot home?

how big of a gas furnace do I need for a 2 story 2300 square foot house in northwest ohio

What size breaker do you use for a furnace?

It depends on the rating of the furnace. There should be a plate or sticker somewhere on the furnace that shows the rating. If you are just powering a blower motor the rating will be lower than if you have an electric heating element.

What size gas furnace for 1450 SF home?

Many variables but for normal conditions 100 btu will be plenty

What size circuit breaker for electric furnace?

67,500 BTU electric furnace

Outdoor Wood Furnace?

form_title= Outdoor Wood Furnace form_header= Stay warm with an outdoor wood furnace. What is your budget for a furnace?*= _ [50] What size furnace do you need?*= _ [50] Where will the furnace be installed?*= _ [50]

What size forced air furnace should a 1500 square foot house have?


How do you size a furnace and ductwork for your home?

Too maby variables here but heating and AC supply sites have the formulars. Look for it.

What size BTU furnace to heat a 3000 square foot 2 story home in northern Ohio?

230,000 btu

What is the diameter of submerged arc furnace?

The Diameter of Submerged Arc Furnace depends on the size/capacity of the furnace. For a 10MVA FeSi Furnace the diameter of the Furnace Shell is typically - 7500mm. - Vaibhav Furnaces

What is the difference between a furnace and a kiln?

1.furnace is smaller than kiln in size. 2.melting takes place in furnace but no melting takes place in furnace.

1300 sq foot home what size furnace do you need?

it depends on how tight is ur home if it is well sealed you can size down if not ur going to want to size up on ur furnace usually a house that size is going to use a 65,000 or 70,000 btu furnace. other stuff you want to look at is ur house a 2 story or 1, does it have a basement, drafty entry way, how many windows, is ur duck work sized properly meaning each room has a cfm, for sizeing registers its 120cfm per register. if you acually do the math it runs to about 58,200 btu furnace by HVACbuddy

A 3ton air conditioner has what size gas heater?

It could have any size heating furnace, the two are unrelated except for the size blower used in the furnace to support the 3 ton cooling system. But the fact remains you can get a 3 ton blower in 50,000 btu furnace, a 100,00 btu furnace and anything in between.

What size breaker should be used for a 3.6 kW oven?

To calculate the current the equation is Watts divided by Volts. 3600 / Volts = Amps The current should be less than or equal to 80% of the Breaker Size. For example a 30 amp breaker should carry no more than 24 amps continuously.

Basket filter furnace?

I furnace was installed when the house was built in the 60's. The furnace has a wire basket, which I have to by the filter, cut to size and replace. My question can I use a regular air filtr for my furnace.

What size furnace for a 1400 square foot two story home?

2.5 tons at least but you have so many other factors to consider.

What size furnace would go with a 2.5 ton air conditioner?

Usually a 3 ton - 70,000btu furnace.