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wrench for lug nuts on f250 is 7/8s of an inch

there is a metric wrench that fits but i cant remember what size it is

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2009-10-06 11:50:25
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Q: What size wrench for lug nuts on Ford F-250 pickup?
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Torque wrench settings for ford connect wheele nuts?

you are a nerd

How many lug nuts are on a Ford F250 Super Heavy Duty Diesel Truck?


Will my wheels off your 2500hd Chevrolet fit on a f250 ford?

The wheels from a 2500HD Chevrolet will not fit on a F250 Ford because the lug nut pattern is different. The only way wheels are interchangeable is if the lug nuts have the same pattern and are the same size.

What is the wheel torque for a ford 250 1978?

Lug nuts you will want to tighten by hand with a lug wrench, so you can get them off with a lug wrench on the side of the road.

What Direction do you loosen lug nuts on rear wheel of 93 Ford Ranger?

to loosen the lug nuts you turn the lug wrench left or counter clockwise

What things does the wrench screw on?

The wrench screws nuts or bolts on.

A tool with jaws for tightening and loosening nuts?

a wrench

What is a function of a wrench?

A wrench is a hand tool that is utilized to tighten or loosen nuts.

What is the best hand tool to use to tighten lug nuts?

There are a couple of different tools that are good for tightening lug nuts. A torque wrench and a lug wrench are good for tightening lug nuts. Typically lug nuts would be tightened with a torque wrench, but a lug wrench is much cheaper.

What is a box end wrench used for?

A box end wrench is used to undo or tighten nuts when a lot of torque is required. When working under my car on exposed nuts and bolts, a box wrench will remove nuts that an open end wrench will 'round'.

A tool with jaws for tightening nuts?

It is a wrench

Why was the wrench invented?

To turn nuts and bolts.

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