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You need to be a people person first and an animal person second as you are dealing with clients who need to know what is wrong with their pet or livestock and how you are going to deal with it, as well as what they need to do to care for that animal. Other skills include ability to withstand more gory parts of work in dealing with bodily fluids that could be infectious or not; good strength (ability to lift at least 25 lbs); knowledge in animal breeding and health issues, math and science skills, knowledge of animal breeds and the different physiological structures of different species of animals; have knowledge in business, hygenical practices, and know that safety is a top priority for the animals, your staff and yourself. You must also be very flexible, able to work long hours into the night and also to get up in the middle of the night to attend to an emergency. Expect to have little rest some nights especially if you are working as a large animal vet.

A university degree in Pre-veterinary studies is a must with an average of at least a grade of B or higher in all courses. You must also get a DVM (doctorate of veterinary medicine) from a veterinary school. Overall, veterinary academic studies take at least 7 years to complete. You can choose to specialize in a specific field of vet medicine such as being an equine vet (horses only) or a small-animal vet (dogs and cats only) or even a zoo-vet (if you wish to deal with exotic animals); or you can broaden your horizons and be a small and large animal veterinarian.

You will gain similar skills that doctor gains about a human being, only your knowledge will just be about animals. By the way, vet school is a bit more difficult than medical school because you are dealing with more than one species of animals and more than one type of animal; from avian species like chickens, turkeys and geese, to herbivores like horses, cattle and llamas, to carnivores like dogs and cats, and even other exotic creatures like reptiles (snakes, bearded dragons, iguanas, geckos) and other zoo animals (bears, tigers, lions, giraffes, antelope, etc.) All of these animals have many different disorders and a variety of digestive, immune, cardiovascular, respiratory, reproductive and urinary systems that are unique to each species of animal. A veterinarian has to know all of these types of things, all that are pertinent to his/her vet practice. Vets also have to diagnose what is wrong with each animal because that animal cannot talk and tell the doctor where it is hurting today. What the owner says and how the animal acts as well as other physical and laboratory tests that the vet has to do on the animal is the only way a veterinarian can properly diagnose what is wrong with said animal and how to treat the injury, illness or disease. The hardest part about veterinary practice is having to put animals down. Medical doctors with humans don't do that sort of thing, nor have to face it. Vets do, which makes the work and stress ten times harder than medical doctors for humans.

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Q: What skills will you gain when you train to be a veterinarian?
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