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Slaves were used for many different things such as, picking cotton, dishes, crops, cleaning, or sex, there were many different uses. Pretty much they would do whatever you made them do if you were the slave owner.

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What were slaves codes and why were they used?

The laws about slaves, and their rights, and they were used to keep slaves "in line".

Were slaves used for skilled labor?

Yes, But is not all that slaves were used for. slaves were used for many qualities and work that slave owners were to lazy to do.

How were slaves used in Athens?

Slaves did manual labor and sometimes were responsible for artistic works.

Europeans used slaves to?

Europeans used slaves to develop land as laborers.

Did the Mayas have slaves?

Maya had slaves probably used for sacrifice.

Did the slaves make the first pyramid?

no doubt slaves were used

Did sargon have slaves?

Sargon used slaves as much as possible!

What states was used for breeding slaves?

It was manly the south that had slaves.

y were slaves used n America?

THEY were used b/c they were immune to malera

Why were women used slaves?

Women SlavesWomen were used as slaves because women didn't have the right to say no because they had no rights at all. They were also used as breeders to make babies.

How many slaves used the Underground Railroad?

More than 100,000 slaves used the underground railroad.

What were slaves used for in civil war?

The slaves were used as soldiers in the confederate army and for sailors and for medical needs

Why did the spanish colonist begin importing enslaved africans?

because they used them for slaves because they used them for slaves

Why were slaves invented?

Slaves were not invented. Slaves were people that were thought of as incredibly insignificant that were used for hard labor.

Who sold the slaves?

the white and black people used to sell the slaves

How many slaves did Khufu use for the Great Pyramid?

No slaves were used.

What kind of tools did slaves use?

The slaves used bills or cutlasses

Was slaves used to harvest their tobacco crops?

Slaves, or as the early settlers called them, black "indentured servants", were used to pick tobacco. Later on slaves were used for other crops, like cotton.

How were the slaves used by Greeks?

by there but

How many slaves that used the underground railroad became free?

about how many slaves used the underground railroad, which was about 100,000.

What did Mayan slaves do?

Slaves were used to do physical labor in the Mayan culture. They were often also used for religious sacrifice.

How many slaves did it take to build the piramyde of khphren?

Slaves were not used to build pyramids, they used a paid workforce.

5 reasons slaves were used in the south?

slaves were used to complete the jobs of the white man. Slaves were used to cook, clean, pick cotton, grow crops, plant, sometimes used to entertain. Some female slaves were to take care of the white man's children or pets. etc

When applied to slaves what did the word Creole mean?

The word was used by the Portuguese to distinguish Creole slaves - that is, slaves who were born in South America as children of slaves - from slaves who were imported from Africa and who were called "African" slaves.

Why were slaves used in the south?

they were used in the north also. Slaves have been used all over the world for as long as man has been man.