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What smells do bees hate?

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alcohol, but wasps like it

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Bees hate light?

Bees do not hate light. They like light because they have enough heat. Bees hate bug spray

What kind of smells that wild rabbits hate?

What kind of smells do wild rabbits hate

What color do bees like and hate?

Bees ABSOLUTELY HATE the color white!

What smells on the plant?

the thing that smells on plants is the nectar that the bees suck

Do bees hate the water?

no way they hate water

Do bees like strong sweet smells?

yes, they do

What smells do snakes hate?


What smells do people hate?

A skunk.

Do bees hate high pitched sounds?

Yes they do.... Wasp and bees

What do bees hate?

They hate the color red. They hate foam.2nd Answereer says: Many landscapers have irritated Africanized "killer" bees by merely operating a lawnmower.

What colors do bees hate?


What actors and actresses appeared in Why I Hate Bees - 1997?

The cast of Why I Hate Bees - 1997 includes: Kathleen Swim Fowler

What attracts bees to people?

sweet smells of perfume or spray

What smells do squirrels hate?

cat litter

What smells do spiders hate?

There are a few smells that spiders hate and tend to steer clear of. These scents include peppermint, citrus, lavender, and white vinegar.

Why do bees hate red?

no one knows;)

What do bumble bees hate?

People who hassle them.

Can bees or hornets nest have a bad odor?


What sounds do bees hate?

Bees seem to hate or are distracted by high pitched sounds. They do not like loud noises nor do they respond well to strong vibrations.

What smells do dogs hate?

My dog hates the smell of soap.

What smells do roaches hate?

the smell of their life about to end!! which is tricky to do.

What smells do all dogs hate?

cat food and blood

Do bees hate blue?

Not at all. Many nectar-bearing flowers are blue and are very attractive to bees.

What smells keep bees away?

It is said that lemon scented Pledge will keep bees away from you as well as lemon grass essential oil.

Why do bees get mad so fast?

Bescse they hate peole

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