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== == I used to leave cookies, and now I instruct my daughter to do the same. Santa isn't picky, he's usually happy with whatever you choose to leave out. == ==

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What snack is often left put for santa?

Cookies and milk

Traditional snack left for santa?

Milk and cookies is traditionally left for Santa.

What snack is often left for Santa?

usually cookies and milk, but lately in modern times it is beer and biscuits

Snack usually left out for Santa?

Cookies and milk, or a candy cane are left for Santa. Carrots and vegetables are usually left for the reindeer.

What snack is traditonally left out for Santa have?

Traditionally - milk and biscuits (cookies in america!)

What snack is often left out for reindeers at Christmas?


What snack is often kept for Santa the night before Christmas?

Many people leave Santa cookies and milk, and leave carrots and water for the reindeer.

What happens if dog eats your snack for Santa?

If your dog eats your snack for santa you shouldn't be worried. Santa eats MILLIONS of cookies during that one special night. He knows you left them. Next year, try leaving a drawing or a thank you letter to santa. They are less appealing to the dogs tastebuds as well as a break for Santa from eating all those cookies.

What do people give Santa for Christmas?

In the United States, it is customary first for children to give or send a Christmas gift wishlist to Santa. On Christmas Eve, then, they often leave out cookies and milk for Santa and, in some homes, carrots for the reindeer. Similar customs exist throughout Europe, where some drink and snack is left for the jolly gift-giver.

What is the snack you leave santa?

Milk and cookies is traditional

Mince Pies and Guinness as a snack for santa in which country?


What do elves eat for a bedtime snack?

elves eat cookies like santa

What food IS OFTEN left out for santa?

Whisky, tea and a biscuit or Xmas cake. Also a carrot for Rudolph

On Christmas Eve what snack is placer out for santa?

ugh...cookies and milk xD ~ Michael

On Christmas day what snack is placed out for santa?

usually cookies and milk and carrots for the reindeer.

How to make a sentence with snack?

Noun: My mother had prepared a healthy snack for me to eat. Verb: I tend to snack on junk food more often than I should.

What are nouns that begins with s and relates to santa?

Words that relate to Santa that start with S are:sleighsack of toysstockings hung by the chimney with careSanta suitsnack (milk and cookies)

What is a popular stem often eaten raw as a snack?


What is snack bar service?

Snack bar service is a place where light meals or snacks can be obtained, often with a self-service system

What is Santa in England?

Santa in England is sometimes called Father Christmas, but often Santa there too.

What is vickning in Sweden?

That's when your serving a snack around midnight on a biger party. Often weddings. The snack use to be hot dogs our lasagne.

Where Santa Claus is called jouloupukki?

Santa is often called that in Finland.

Does santa wear gloves?

Santa does often wear gloves when it is cold outside.

What continent is Santa is often referred to papa noel?

Santa Claus is often called Papa Noel in South America.

What is healthy snack for teens?

Granola, fruits, and the often undesired one -- vegetables

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