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the snail the is best for your fish tank is the slowest snail that you can find in the store...the best snail i have had is the cuadrocnam snail so when you go to the store you say "I want is Cuadrocnam snail please!"

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โˆ™ 2011-03-09 16:48:46
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Q: What snail is best for your fish tank?
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Today i found some sort of snail in my fish tank i have five guppies in my tank how did i get a snail in my fish tank?

Baby snails are almost transparent as are snail eggs. They can be brought in on plants or even in the water that you have brought fish home in.

What do snail eat in a fish tank?


Can you put a land snail in your fish tank?

no the snail will most likely sufficate and die:(

Should you put a snail in a guppie fish tank orwill it hurt the fish?

No it won't hurt any fish but the fish might hurt the snail.

How do you put a snail in your fish tank?

Well, it is easy. First you need to take your fish out, if you have any in the tank. Then, buy a divider, to divide the tank into to places. Afterwards, put your snail and fish in the two different places...AND... You are done!

I found a snail in my fish tank is a snail a problem to have in a fish tank that has fish in it?

It will not negatively affect the health of the fish, however it may become problematic if it reproduces. Snails can reproduce heavily in aquariums, and clog filters and other equipment.

Can you put garden snails in your fish tank?

No. They must be aquarium/freshwater snails. A garden snail would die in a fish tank.

What items in a fish tank produce oxygen Plant Water Snail Rock?

Plants would provide oxygen in a fish tank.

How do you stop fish from eating the snail eggs?

Separate the eggs into a nother tank with no other fish in.

What are yellow eggs in a fish tank?

They could be the ova of some species of fish or water snail.

Can I put a wild snail in my betta's fish tank to keep it clean I'm guessing not but it's worth a shot?

No, you should not put a wild snail in a Betta fish tank. The snail could give the Betta disease and cause the Betta to die.

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