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Anyone who watched the match against Chelsea would see that he wore New England boots but I don't know if he wears them all the time. Same as Michael Owen. Those new Umbro ones.

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โˆ™ 2005-07-18 13:35:10
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Q: What soccer boots does Luis Garcia from Liverpool wear?
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How much did Liverpool sign Torres for?

£20,000,000 plus Luis Garcia

Soccer players from Spain with the first initial L?

Luis Garcia

Who won the soccer match between Mansfield and Liverpool in 2013?

Liverpool won 2-1. Daniel Sturridge and Luis Suarez scored for Liverpool.

Who does Luis Garcia play for now?

Former Liverpool player Luis Garcia joined Spanish team Racing de Santander on 11-Aug-2009. As at 4-Feb-2010 he had made 8 appearances.

What happened to Spanish Footballer Luis Garcia?

He left Liverpool in 2007 and joined Athletico Madrid. He still plays for them.

Which players have had the Liverpool number 10 shirt?

Luis Garcia Andriy Voronin Joe Cole Michael Owen

Who is the highest paid soccer players in 2011?

The highest paid player is Luis suarez of Liverpool

What boots does Luis suarez wear?

Pretty sure that he wears adi zeros. But he may change when he goes to liverpool.

Who are the Liverpool forwards?

As of Oct 2011: Luis Suarez. Andy Carroll. Dirk Kuyt. Craig Bellamy. Nathan Eccleston. Robbie Fowler, Michael Owen, Luis Garcia, Fernando Torres all used to play for Liverpool as forwards.

When was Orlando Luis Garcia born?

Orlando Luis Garcia was born in 1952.

How many spanish players have played for Liverpool through Liverpool's history?

Pepe Reina, Xavi Alonso, Reira, Fernando Torres , Luis garcia, are the Spanish players to play for Liverpool.

What MLB team does Luis Garcia play for?

Luis Garcia plays for the Philadelphia Phillies.

What position does Luis Garcia play?

Luis Garcia is a relief pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies.

What number is Luis Suarez for Liverpool?

Luis Suarez is number seven for Liverpool FC.

How much did Liverpool buy Torres for?

First of all Fernando Torres cost Liverpool roughly 26 million pounds , but they had to give a player free Luis Garcia to athletic o Madrid free. So if you add Garcia fee it would be 40 million pounds.

When was Luis Armand Garcia born?

Luis Armand Garcia was born on March 9, 1992.

Does Luis Garcia bat right or left?

MLB player Luis Garcia bats right.

Does Luis Garcia throw right or left?

MLB player Luis Garcia throws right.

When was Jorge Luis Garcia born?

Jorge Luis Garcia was born on 1953-09-10.

When did Jorge Luis Garcia die?

Jorge Luis Garcia died on 2010-10-15.

Were can you find Luis armand garcia gf photo?

you go on Google images and type Luis armand garcia

When was Luis Garcia - politician - born?

Luis Garcia - politician - was born on 1945-12-08.

When was Luis Garcia - boxer - born?

Luis Garcia - boxer - was born on 1987-12-23.

Spanish soccer players?

Good soccer players that play for Spain include... Fernando Torres, Raul, Fernando Morientes, Luis Garcia, Xavi, Guti, Serio Ramos, and Puyol

What was Luis Suarez's team before Liverpool?

Before Liverpool, Luis Suarez played in the Netherlands at Ajax FC.