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What social and enviromental factors do you believe influence the crime rate?

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2011-09-13 13:22:06

theres isn't a simple answer to this type of question. Not only

are there soical and enviormental factors but prerequiste which can

influence these factors themselves.

in regards to social there could be a political change resulting

in disruption of the police force which can be seen from countless

revolutions, the emergence of a new class which would not only

affect the social aspect but also the econmoical.

as for the enviormental factors there could be such events as a

natural disater which has been seen in new Orleans and also freak

weather patterns affecting transport and the ability of the

authorities enabling the growth of crime and also affecting crops

and the availability of food resulting in crime.

the economical factors are the destruction of the motor market

in Detroit, MI which has impacted all residents and has made

Detroit the most dangerous city in the US.

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