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Q: What social causes are supported by the insurance industry trade assoc?
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Explain why industry supported laissez-faire capitalism and social critics did not?


Bismark supported social insurance legislation in the German parliament to?

Incourage the growth of labor unions is the wrong answer

When was Social Insurance Number created?

Social Insurance Number was created in 1964.

Did Franklin D. Roosevelt have anything to do with Social Security?

Yes. Franklin and his Administration, as part of its New Deal, strongly pushed for, supported and ultimately passed the original Social Security Act in 1935 -- about 2 years after he was first inaugurated. It was developed and proposed as an insurance program that covers old age pensions, survivors' insurance and disability insurance.

Is insurance a social device?

insuarance is a social divices

10 causes of social instability?

There are many causes of social instability. Some examples of the causes of social instability are; international tension, industrialization and population growth.

What causes social phobia?

social intimidation

Is you social security number the same as your national insurance number?

is a social security number the same as a national insurance number

What is the best defentiton of employee benefits?

In general, indirect and non-cash compensation paid to an employee. Some benefits are mandated by law (such as social security, unemployment compensation, and workers compensation), others vary from firm to firm or industry to industry (such as health insurance, life insurance, medical plan, paid vacation, pension, gratuity).

Which of the following is a concept supported by social darwinism?

support laissez-faire economic and social policies

What is the purpose of social security taxes?

Old age survivors and disability insurance (oasdi) social security benefits and medicare insurance .

Did social security provide insurance programs for the unemployed?

NO. The unemployment compensation program is NOT a part of the social security and medicare insurance program.

What are the economic and social benefits of petrochemical industry?

What are the benefits and harms petrochemical industry?

Social benefits of the construction industry?

it would imporve the uk building industry

What are the three main areas of social policy?

Three main areas of social policy is Social Security, Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA), and National Health Insurance.

Which social classes supported Napoleon?

the middle class and peasants

Can you collect disability insurance and Social Security?

Worker's Comp (disability insurance) is different from Social Security and you can collect both if you qualify for both.

Is insurance a social device or business?

Well,both life and health insurance companies are doing business but with a huge social responsibility on their shoulders.

What are the causes of social stratification in the Caribbean?

social stratification is the ranking of social groups

Which of these is a social insurance program that pays cash benefits to the aged?

social security

What is a Fieldwork in social care industry?


What is SIN an abbreviation for?

Social insurance number

What is difference between social problem ann social evil?

Those act which is not supported by the society but practice frequently by some persons of the society is known as social problem . Whereas those act which is supported by the society and practiced as culture , tradition but which indirectly hampers the society is called social evil .

Who most likely supported Social Darwinism?

the wealthy business class.

This social program is supported by deductions from paychecks of America employees?