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Sugar and salt can dissolve in water, but if you put too much in, the salt or sugar will start collecting at the bottom.

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Heat helps solids dissolve in water faster. Gasses are dissolved in water faster by using pressure. Heat helps dissolve any solid in any liquid it will dissolve in.

Salt is a solid; water can dissolve candies.

You need to heat the water up to get the solid to dissolve.

PbSO4 is a solid that will not dissolve in water.

No because water is weak and suger is a tough solid object so it wont dissolve in water (but it might dissolve in custard).

the solid sodium chloride will dissolve in water.

No, lead is a solid that won't dissolve in water, though solid ice will.

1) The "solubility" of the solid in question (not all WILL dissolve) - or the nature of the solid itself. 2)Presence (or lack of) mechanical agitation to assist the solid dissolve. 3)Temperature of the water (The warmer it is, usually the quicker the solid dissolves)

No. Only solid stuff with special chemicals in them dissolve, like sugar and salt. Notice that things only dissolve in warm water, and never ice water. Example: If you put sand in water, it doesn't dissolve.

charcoal is made from wood. It's a smoked and dehydrated form of black solid and will not dissolve in water.

They will dissolve in the water and form a solution. The amount that will dissolve depends on the solubility of the solid and the temperature.

It depends on what the solid is.(This is answered by a 12 year old)

No, they do not all dissolve. Some compunds will dissolve, but many will not. Most pure metals, for example, will not dissolve in water, while their oxides may or may not.

the ionic solid will dissolve in water to form ions. the ions will generally be solvated by water.

It depends on the kind of the solid

Surger, salt, hard candy, and a horses Salt Lick will dissolve.

Usually, yes. For example, if you put a piece of rock candy into a glass of water, it will dissolve.

No, ice isn't a solid dissolved in another solid.Once ice is dissolved it becomes water and water is a liquid.

Water is a solvent. A solvent is a liquid which can dissolve a particular solid.

Water would be the solvent and the solid would be the solute.

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