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The coolness of the solution causes recrystallization. This is because the solute becomes solid at a higher temperature than the solvent.

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What property of water causes sugar to dissolve in coffee?

It is a (highly) polar solvent.

Raising the temperature of a solvent causes solvent-solvent collisions to become?

Raising solvent temperature causes solvent-solute collisions to become more frequent and more energetic.

What is persipitation and what causes it?

Precipitation may occur if the concentration of a compound exceeds its solubility, this is caused ny temperature change, solvent property...

What property of magma causes it to rise toward's earth surface?

Hotter magma is less dense and causes it to rise towards the Earth's surface while cooler magma is more dense and sinks.

What is a carcnogen?

A carcinogen is a compound or solvent that causes cancer.

What causes minerals to form large and small crystals within the same rock?

Recrystallization. Recrystallization is a process whereby small crystals of one mineral will slowly convert to fewer, larger crystals of the same mineral, without melting of the rock.

Raising solvent temperature causes solvent-solute collisions to become?

more frequent and more energetic

What causes osmotic pressure?

Solvent molecules moving across a selectively-permeable membrane into an area of lower solvent concentration.

What property causes water to form beads?

The property that causes water to form beads is called surface tension.

Why do chemical compounds tend to dissolve more quickly in hot solvent than in cold solvent?

heat causes atoms to separate more

What property of water cause erosion?

Only the action of erosion causes erosion, but water itself causes weathering:ErosionOceansRiversGlaciersWeatheringFreeze-thawSolution (Dissolving)Acid RainWater has no particular property which causes erosion, but its properties do cause weathering: when it freezes it expands, hence freeze-thaw weathering; it is a good solvent, hence it can dissolve soluble minerals, as well as acid, causing acid rain.

What causes the moon to be pulled towards the earth and the earth be pulled towards the moon?

That would be universal gravitation, a property of space which . . . within the range of temporal andspatial dimensions that lie between the realms of general relativity and quantum mechanics . . .causes a mutual force of attraction between every two mass objects.But you can just call it "gravity".

What property causes the mineral galena to break into tiny cubes?

The property of cleavage.

What are the main causes of property repossession?

The main causes of property repossession is for nonpayment of the mortgage or any loans where the property was put up as collateral. If nonpayment occurs the lend has the right to repossess.

The random movement of molecules in a solvent causes what in a cube of solid solute?

it solves the solid

What causes the entropy to change when a solute dissolves in solvent?

The solute becomes less ordered

What causes the entropy to change when a solute dissolves in a solvent?

The solute becomes less ordered.

What is the property of light that causes it to bend?


Property of earth which causes seasons?


Which property of sound lead to formation of an echo?

reflection of sound is the property which causes an echo........

How do you use property and substance in a scientific sentence?

the property of a substance causes the chemical to overload

What causes day?

The Earth Facing Towards The Sun

What causes plants to grow towards light?


What are the main causes of the wars going on?

The main causes of WARS is for property, power and authority

What are the components of a solution?

A solute and a solvent. A solute is a substance that dissolves. A solvent is a substance that causes something else to dissolve. Example: Salt water. The solute is salt and the solvent is water.