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The main solvent used to dissolve nail polish is acetone. That is the main ingredient in most nail polish removers.


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The solute is the substance which dissolves. The solvent is the substance which dissolves it. The acetone would be the solvent. The nail polish is the solute.

Nail polish remover is a dilute solution of acetone, an organic solvent that dissolves nail polish.

Nail polish remover contains acetone which is a very good organic solvent. It dissolves the nail polish and helps to clean it off.

a nonpolar solvent will dissolve a nonpolar solute

The ester in a nail varnish is a good solvent that is used in nail polish removers because it dissolves the nail varnish and does not affect the nail.

The main ingredient in nail polish remover that dissolves the nail polish is acetone. do you have that? : )

According to the internet , people say that nail polish dries by the solvent in it .

Nail polish is a chemical compound, a solvent as acetone for example.

Toluene is a petroleum-based solvent that gives nail polish its smoothness

The nail polish is the solute and the acetone would be the solvent. Sovents dissolve things & solutes are dissolved.

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Most of them contain acetone.

Nail polish remover is a volatile solvent, and that solvent is usually acetone. It will evaporate because evaporation is in its nature.

Acetone is the main solvent in nail polish remover with traces of butyl acetate or amyl acetate added to sweeten the smell.

The main ingredient in nail polish is acetone and in some cases acetate. The acetone dissolves the nail polish; liquifying it. This makes it easy for it to wipe off with a cotton ball or tissue.

There is a solvent that is marketed specifically for the purpose of removing nail polish, which is called nail polish remover. It works. Buy a bottle.

Yes, if you smell the solvent in nail varnish too closely. Don't do it, as people have died from solvent abuse.

It CONTAINS solvents- mainly acetone.

Any store that sells nail polish also sells a specific solvent for nail polish called nail polish remover; it works extremely well.

Neither ethanol nor isopropanol (the main ingredients of rubbing alcohols) are good solvents for the solid plastic material (nitrocellulose, or guncotton, and related cellulose esters) in nail polish. A good solvent is a substance that effectively dissolves (or in our case, removes) another substance. Acetone, however, is a very good solvent for nitrocellulose. That's why acetone is the basis of nail polish remover.

A solvent, like nail polish remover

Acetone. It's commonly found in nail polish remover.

These properties are: to be a good solvent for the nail polish, to be not oxic and noncorrosive, to be easily evaporated.

The solvent dissolves the solute. (The solute dissolves in the solvent.)

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