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The song you're talking about is called "Here We Are Again" by an unknown artist. It has been used as a theme song for a Korean show about a famous Korean-pop girl group called Wonder Girls

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Hooked on a feeling by Blue Swede

What song contains the lyrics 'my little angel here I am'?

This is the closest I could get. Deathstars - My Little Angel.

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What song contains lyrics sitting here thinking about me and you and all the little things we use to do

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Lyrics in a song help to define both the feeling and meaning of the song.

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in the beginning

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'What is This Feeling' lyrics?

Since placing lyrics on this answer page is copy-write infringement and against the site's plagiarism rules, you will find the lyrics on the link below.

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The song "I Don't Remember Loving You" by John Conlee (1983) contains the lyrics "I Don't Remember Loving You"

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There are no lyrics unless you are singing.

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When your in love a song can have a deep affect on you and can take over you when you both are listening to it.

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I got the feeling

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No Led Zeppelin song contains those lyrics. Perhaps you are looking for Break On Through by The Doors.

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