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What song did 50 cent sample for candyshop?

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ok this is what u do u go to the bathroom then u take off you put down your pants then go to your room then poop in your room

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Who wrote the song 50 cent many men?

50 cent lol

What is the best 50 cent song?

The best 50 cent song has to be "Peep Show", "This is 50", "I Get Money or Fire". Another good one is "P.I.M.P." and "In Da Club".

Is 50 cent lip syncing in Candyshop?

hey jey hey jey hey jey hey jeey hey jey can u take me to the andyshop il ok jey hey

Where can one see the new song of 50 Cent?

One can find the new 50 Cent song at the official website for 50 Cent. The song "New Day" is from the upcoming album "Street King Immortal". It features Alicia Keys and Dr. Dre.

What is the song from MTV Cribs 50 Cent House episode the moment when 50 drives to the pond?

Unfortunately, there is not a song list avaible for the episode of MTV Cribs with 50 Cent.

What is the name of the song 50 cent is in from the till you collapse remix?

Till i collapse remix feat. 50 cent

Where can one listen to the song If I cant by 50 cent?

There are a number of places to listen to the song "50 Cent - If I Can't". The song can be heard at You Tube, Artists Lets Sing It and My Space. The lyrics of the song are uplifting.

What is the name of the song by 50 cent in the movies The Savages?

Eminem "Till I Collapse" feat Nate Dogg. No 50 Cent...

Who sings the song 21 questions?

50 cent

What does 50 cent do in his spear time?

he sing a song

Did Biggie Smalls know 50 Cent well?

50 Cent and Biggie both are platinum artits. After Biggie died, 50 Cent did a song with him, but not while Biggie was still alive.

What song does 50 cent say lamborghini doors on that escalade?

The Song is How We Do with The Game

When did 50 Cent produce the song Candy Shop?

The song Candy Shop produced by 50 Cent is a very old song, produced in the late 1990s. It was a very popular song though, and was played often on the radio.

What is Tom Brady's favorite song?

if i cant-50 cent

What was 50 cent first famous song?

go shorty

Who sings the song put it down on me?

Jeremih and 50 Cent

What is the Eminem i get money lyrics?

I Get Money is a song by 50 Cent

When did the song disco inferno by 50 cent come out?

50 cent is an American rap artist who is known for many different songs. The song Disco Inferno was a 2004 release by the artist.

What is the 50 cent song on saints row 2?

The song is called 'Hands up'

Where can one find 50 Cent 21 questions lyrics?

Finding the lyrics to the song "21 Questions" by 50 Cent is not very challenging to do at all. In order to find the lyrics to the song "21 Questions" by 50 Cent, one can go online and visit a lyrics site such as MetroLyrics.

What is 50 cent new song?

So Far 50 Cent's New song is called Baby By Me Featuring Ne-Yo

Who is better 50 cent or Jay-Z?

50 cent is a beast Jay-Z is the past. Nas even said it in his song Ethur

Does kelly rowland and 50 cent date?

no they just did a song together...

What song has the lyrics i dont know what you heard about me?

50 Cent - P.I.M.P

What is 50 cent and eminem's new song?

"A Half Dollar Enema"