What song did Adrianne Curry walk down the aisle to in the TV series 'My Fair Brady'?

Q: On "My Fair Brady: A Brady Wedding," what was the song playing when Adrianne walked down the aisle? It was playing instead of "Here comes the Bride". Thanks! -Brooke, Michigan A: A confession: I didn't watch the wedding of the former "Top Model" first-season winner to one of my childhood crushes, Peter Brady (OK, Christopher Knight). But I found an online video clip, and it sounds like Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" was used for their processional. Wikipedia's page on "Moonlight Sonata in popular culture" confirms my ears. The wedding, held in Joliet, Ill. on May 29, had a gothic edge to it. Curry said she would have liked to have worn a black gown, but "knew it would break my grandmother's heart." The reception had a "Phantom of the Opera" theme, with "Music of the Night," a hit from that musical, chosen as the couples' first dance. And Barry "Greg Brady/Johnny Bravo" Williams, Knight's co-star and good friend, serenaded the couple. You can browse through photos from the wedding and reception at VH1's site. -G.F.C. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14738798/