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What song did Chris Brown sample for forever?

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there is quite a few samples in this song that I can hear, the begining electronic synth sound that continues throughout the song is a partial rip of the song escape by dj kaycee or dj icey just that it's slighty slowed down, theres a rip from the perculator, some rip from sexy back, and sounds like a few others as well, I know there's another trance song or two mixed in just haven't figured it out music these days =)

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When was Forever - Chris Brown song - created?

Forever - Chris Brown song - was created in 2007.

What Chris Brown song has a Doublemint Gum jingle in it?

The song Forever The song Forever

Who wrote the song forever Chris Brown or lil Wyane?

chris brown

What song does Chris Brown sample in got nothing but love for you?

with you

What is the name of the song and artist that has the line in it Forever forever ever forever ever ever?

forever - chris brown

When the song forever release?

Drake song FOREVER was made sept.15.2009 and Chris Brown april.19.2008

When did the song forever by Chris Brown come out?

i think it came out in 2008...

What song is played at The Office's wedding?

Forever by chris brown-alacajam

What is one of the famous hip hop song by Chris Brown?


What the top song 100 songs in America?

forever of chris brown

What song has the lyrics tonight's the night to join me in ecstasy?

FOREVER by Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!!!

What is Taylor Lautner favorite song?

In year 2006 it was Chris Brown Forever..

What Brand name Jacket is Chris Brown wearing in his single Forever?

the jacket is billionare Simon elder brand that chris weres in the song forever ?

Who is the artist to the song double your pleasure double your fun?

The artist is Chris Brown, the song is called "Forever"

What instruments are used in the song forever by Chris Brown?

head wacker, bum spanker, chris browns tougne

What is Justin Biebers first song he ever sung not made by him?

Forever by chris brown

What puppet did Chris Brown do a song with?

Chris Brown did a song with Elmo.

What song did Chris Brown sample in Is This Love?

The chorus sounds very similar to 'Can We Talk' by Tevin Campbell.

What song is playing on dance flick at club violence?

"Forever" by Chris Brown Answered By: Kalo Xahn

Is the song With You by Chris Brown?

Yes, With You was by Chris Brown!

Is it true that Chris Brown stole a song?

No Chris Brown did not steal a song. The song Yeah 3X has a similar beat to a british singer's song, but Chris brown did not steal the song.

What song did Chris Brown sample his new song Take you Down from?

It's taken the chorus from "What's up?" By 4 Non Blondes

What is the favorite song of Taylor Lautner?

In 2008 it was Chris Brown ''Forever'' This year, it is 'Let It Rock' by Kevin Rudolph

Does Chris Brown star in commercials?

He was in the Double Mint Gum commercial featuring his new hit song, Forever.

Is it true that Chris Brown sang a song for Satan?

Chris Brown did not sing a song for satan.

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