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Q: What song did george michaels sing on American idol?
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Related questions

Did George straight win American Idol?

George Straight was never on American Idol. He's a classic country singer who's been around and famous since before Idol began. Scotty did sing two George Straight songs on American Idol, though. And he won. He sang I Cross My Heart (which I loved) and Check Yes or No (love the song but it wasn't for him.)

How do you have to be to sing on American Idol?

you have to be able to sing

Can Simon cowell American idol sing?

Anyone can sing.

What are the names of people who have competed on American Idol and not won?

the people that have been on American idol sing well.

What songs did Carrie Underwood sing on American idol?

Inside your heavens when she won American Idol in 2005

What did holly sing on American Idol?


Does Simon from American Idol sing?

No he dose not

How old do you have to be to sing on American Idol?


What song did miley sing on American idol?

The climb

Does it cost money to sing for American Idol?


What song did Kelly Clarkson sing when she won American idol?

Kelly Clarkson sang A Moment Like This when she won American Idol.

Is American Idol karaoke?

Yes, American Idol is karaoke. The contestants sing the lyrics while the band is playing the right tune.

Can contestants in American Idol sing a song they wrote?

yes they can.

What do you do if you can sing as good as a pop star?

go on American idol

What song did Justin Bieber sing on American idol?


What song did jra sing on American Idol?

Everything hehehehehehehehe

What song did fantasia sing for her audition on American idol?

A Fool In Love

What is a show that you both sing and dance on?

♦American Idol i guess...

What did lady gaga sing on the American Idol finally?

the edge of glory

What song did Carrie Underwood sing for her audition on American Idol?

== == Carrie Underwood sang "I can't make you love me," by Bonnie Raitt, for her American Idol audition.

What song did lady gaga sing on American idol?

On May 5th 2010 she sang "Alejandro". But before that she was featured on American Idol and she sang "Poker Face".

What song did jordin sparks sing to win American idol?

Jordan Sung A Song She Wrote Called "This Is My Now" For American Idol 6 Season Finale ;)

Can you be 12 to sing on American Idol?

No, you must be 15-29 years old.

If someone thinks they can sing what can they do?

You should audition for American Idol next year.

What song did Carrie Underwood sing when she won American Idol?

Inside your Heaven