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What song does aileen Quinn sings to the president in the movie Annie?


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A reprisal of "Tomorrow".


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The original movie "Annie" was Aileen Quinn.

Aileen Quinn was the sweet girl that played Annie in the 1981 movie, and from what I have gathered she is still acting, and was doing the role of Annette in Saturday night fever.

In the 1982 version, Aileen Quinn stared as Annie. In the 1999 movie, an actress named Alicia Morton played the lead roll. Diane Keaton

Aileen Quinn is an American actress, best known for playing Annie in the 1982 movie. She has shoulder-length red hair, and bangs, with grey eyes and very few wrinkles.

Aileen Quinn played Annie in the 1982 movie Musical of Annie while Alicia Morton did in 1999. there have been many girls that have played Annie on Broadway and touring, but the first one was Andrea McArdle

The John Huston film "Annie" (with Aileen Quinn, Albert Finney, and Carol Burnett) was released in 1982, based on the 1977 musical play. The TV-movie remake of "Annie" was in 1999, with Alicia Morton, Victor Garber, and Kathy Bates.

The original Annie starred Aileen Quinn, Carol Burnett, and Tim Curry. The movie has been done many times both on the big screen and on Broadway, and is now being considered for yet another remake starring Willow Smith, Jay-Z, and Justin Timberlake.

Annie (1982), AnnieLights, Camera, Annie! (1982) (TV), herselfThe Wizard of Oz (1982), Dorothy GaleThe Charmkins (1983 TV movie), voice of Brown-Eyed SusanThe Frog Prince (1986), Princess ZoraGeneration Gap (2004 TV movie), Host30 (film) (2007), MaggieMultiple Sarcasms (2010), School Secretary

I don't believe she is dead. According the IMBD, she is in a movie "Multiple Sarcasms" coming out this year (2009).

Aileen Quinn has: Played herself in "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" in 1962. Played Annie in "Annie" in 1982. Played herself in "The American Film Institute Salute to John Huston" in 1983. Played Brown-Eyed Susan in "The Charmkins" in 1983. Played herself in "Gylne tider" in 2002. Played herself in "The 100 Greatest Musicals" in 2003. Played Herself - Host in "Generation Gap" in 2004. Played Annie in "VM Show Vol. 2" in 2005. Played Maggie in "30" in 2007. Played School Secretary in "Multiple Sarcasms" in 2010. Played Herself - Guest in "Beyond the Marquee" in 2011.

The one with Aileen Quinn, Albert Finney, Carol Burnett, Bernadette Peters, Tim Curry, Ann Reinking and Geoffrey Holder was released on May 17, 1982Then the version with Alicia Morton, Victor Garber, Kathy Bates, Alan Cumming, Audra McDonald and Kristin Chenoweth was released on November 7, 1999

The movie Annie came out in 1982.

Yes!1942 Miss Annie Rooney (Marin) (title role) OpinionNo. The movie in the above answer may be a role She played with the same name - but I believe the question is refering to Annie the little Orphan played by Mitzi Green and Ann Gillis (Two seperate movies based on the comic strip) in the 1930's. The 1982 film based on the Broadway musical from 1977 starred Aileen Quinn. It was done again in 1999 with Alicia Morton by Disney.

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Aileen Xu has: Played Aileen in "Colima Road" in 2011. Performed in "Bobalife" in 2013. Played Pretty Girl in "The Night Market" in 2013. Played Alison in "Phoenix 9" in 2014. Played Dancer in "Platinum the Dance Movie" in 2014.

Grace is not a character in Annie! Sorry to tell you!

my name is Annie and i am a orphan with a bound dog to be rehomed.

Monster, starring Charlize Theron. 2003

In 1982, she does, but in 1999, her hair was that color.

Internet Movie Database entry for Annie:

Andrea McArdle in the 1982 movie. Alicia Morton in the 1999 movie.

The playing time of Annie (1982) is 126 minutes.

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