Adele (singer)

What song is Adele most famous for?


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Rolling in the deep but chasing pavements got her famous


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Adele is not a song, Adele is a famous singer from the UK.

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The most famous song is the most famous song.

they are both equally famous, but adele is probably slightly more famous the david guetta after she sung the the song 'skyfall' in the James bond movie of the same name.

That is simple adele most people dont even know pope

i reckon it is adeleas she has been at the grammiesmore times and sung the jamebond song skyfall

It's the most repeated lyric in the song.

Adele sings songs from her two albums, 19 and 21.some of her most famous song are :Rolling in the DeepRumor has itSomeone Like YouSet Fire to the RainChasing Pavementsand more! ....

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The first song she wrote the day after a break-up. About the boy which broke her heart.

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Adele, she is internationally famous, not just famous in one country.

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Adele has been famous for about 5 years, i think

adele is more famous and has won more awards

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Adele is a British music artist. No, Adele does not have a new song titled "My Baby".

Isaac Newton is more famous than Adele. However, Adele sings better.

her most famous song is naturally.

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Adele is famous for writing songs,singing,dancine,and plaing many insturments

adele is more famous than neil diamond

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