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Found it! - Artist: Sean Paul, Title: Temperature, Album: Trinity Yes!

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Q: What song is Gavin Bellour dancing to in the new Verizon Wireless commercial?
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What is the name of the actor in the Verizon commercial who starts dancing in the middle of a bowling alley?

Don't know, but he's also in the T.G.I.F. commercial and Old Spice comercial. He is also in the Juicy Fruit (tempted by the fruit of another) and Nicorette ads. His name is Gavin Bellour. Here is his listing on

Who is the girl dancing tango in milk life commercial?

The girl dancing in the commercial is not named. The man in the commercial is Johnathon Kelley.

Who is the girl in the Ricola commercial Dancing?

I don't know her name but its not sofia vergara in the dancing commercial.

What is that bojangles commercial with the chicken dancing?

The commercial with the dancing chicken is an advertisement for Bojangles Country Ham Biscuit. It begins with a chicken dancing and then asks the question, "Why is this chicken so happy?" The commercial is hilarious and never seems to get old. I have searched for the commercial online but have not been able to find it yet.

Who is the hot dancing girl in the most recent jack in the box club commercial?

Allie Cohen is the dancing girl in the Jack in the Box commercial.

What are the release dates for Dancing with the Stars - 2010 Commercial Promo?

Dancing with the Stars - 2010 Commercial Promo was released on: USA: 22 September 2010

Where can i find the vw commercial with the young couple dancing in an apartment then dancing in a house?

Try YouTube.

Who is the older dancing man in the kayak commercial?

The man dancing in the Kayak commercial is Sam West. Sam, born in 1972, is really not all that old. Because he's bald on top, people always think he's older than he is. Sam began dancing at the age of 9. In the commercial, he's dancing with his wife and professional dance partner, Lisa.

What is the song in the new dancing Verizon commerical?

The song is 'SHAKE IT' from the album TRINITY sung by SEAN PAUL

What is the song in the BMW commercial?

Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself

What is that commercial with the guy dancing with the toy Christmas tree?


Who is the dancing girl Mary in the Allstate commercial?

I dont know... do you?

Who is the girl dancing in the choices flooring commercial?

jenny jones

What song is played during the Dancing with the Stars commercial?


What does dancing gecko say while on bar in commercial?

I think we have our answer.

Who is the blonde woman dancing in the tena commercial?

Della Holloway

Who is the actress in the Jarrod's television commercial?

In the latest Jarrod's commercial where the couples are ballroom dancing the one wearing the bracelet and telling others that "he went to Jarrod's" is dancing with the stars professional Edyta Sliwinska.

Who is in the directv commercial dancing in a gold dress and singing what a girl wants what a girl needs?

who is the girl dancing in a gold dress

What car commercial used a girl dancing to a techno song in a gray car?

"Days Go By" Mitsubishi commercial

What is the name of the song in the new Budweiser commercial?

You! Me! Dancing! by Los Campesinos!

What is the song in the new ipod nova commercial?

shes got me dancing

What is the song on the Nikon commercial with Ashton Kutcher salsa dancing?


Who is the man in the Ricola commercial Dancing with the Stars spoof?

Zach Braff

Who is the singer for the Budweiser commercial?

Los Campesinos (from Wales). Song is "You, Me, Dancing".

What song is played in the dancing elephant commercial?

Sing, Sing, Sing