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crazy. i think it's off his first album

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โˆ™ 2006-03-09 19:56:59
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Q: What song is artist Seal singing in the commercial where he is sitting on a woman's lap playing the guitar?
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What is the song on the MTVU commercial where there is a guy sitting playing an acoustic guitar while singing a really high pitched and long note?

The artist is Dustin Kensrue. I don't know the name of the song however...

What artist is singing in the new XM radio commercial?

Regina Spektor - Better

Who is the artist singing in the Ford Flex commercial and what's the name of the song?

your pretty -???

Is Miley Cyrus a artist at anything?

of course - she is an artist at writing music, singing music, acting, playing the guitar and playing the piano

Who is the artist singing Que serra in the Dell commercial?

It was recorded in 2004 by Jennifer Terran.

Who is the artist singing the free credit report commercial?

I'm not sure but it sounds like Weird Al

Who is the artist singing in the travelers insurance commercial?

The artists name is Ray LaMontangne, and I think the song you are thinking of is "Trouble".

What is the name of artist singing a yodle song for target commercial for green works products?

I believe that is Dolly Parton

Who is singing the song in the laughing cow commercial?

Laughing Cow commercial song Track Info: Artist Name: Patrick & Eugene Song Name: Don't Stop.

What is sitting for an artist?

It is modelling, posing or sitting.

What is the name of the country song in which a male and female artist are both sitting in a dark room singing to each other with a candle between them?

I think its I NEED YOU NOW

What does a singing artist do?


What is the song on the Puma commercial?

Name of song in Puma commercialMazarin-For Energy Infinite The latest Puma commercial has a guy singing a song. Artist is Paolo Nutini and the name of the song is "New Shoes".Gnarls Barkley - Going On

Who sings the new Toyota Prius commercial song?

"The 2013 Toyota Prius: "Those Who Get It, Get It" with Raphael Saadiq" This commercial features a man with glasses (artist, Raphael Saadiq) singing a song with a guitar. He starts out singing from the open hatch of the car. He then gets up and starts singing to three woman who are in the back seat."

What singing group is Robbie Williams a member of?

Robbie Williams is a member of the Pop group Take That but he found most of his commercial success working as a solo artist.

Who is the artist of lol in kidz bop 16?

The song on kids bop 16 called "lol" is song by Sinai Rose. The kids on the commercial arent actual singing it. its her singing so ive been here :]

What is the name of the song in the Miller Lite See and Say commercial?

The song playing in the background of the Miller Lite see and say commercial is instrumental. There is no credit given to and artist. It is possible that the piece was created just for the commercial.

Who is the artist singing the national anthem in the Nike US olympic basketball commercial?

Marvin Gaye.It was a tape of his rendition of the Anthem that he sung at the 1983 NBA All Star Game.

What is the best singing agency to call?

Creative artist

How did Shakira become a famous artist?

She had practised for her singing...

How many artist sing scat singing?

3 . :}

What James Maslow favorite Artist?

If you're talking about artist as in singing, that would be Maroon 5.

What is the song in the Amp'd Mobile commercial where the Asian guy is singing into the mirror in the bathroom and somebody walks in?

Artist: E-40 Song: You and Dat (Booty) That's a pretty funny commercial. Happened to me once. U And Dat Booty by E-40

Name of artist or song on current Vizio commercial?

Empire of the Sun's "We are the People" is the name of the artist and song on the current Vizio commercial.

What is the song in the MBC4 commercial for movies playing in September 2008?

The song is called "Breathe Me" and it's sung by this underrated artist called Sia.