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The song has been put up, and it is by Cue 11 (or by their lead singer Amanda). It's called Run to You. If you follow this link, scroll down about 3 paragraphs and you'll see a link that tells you to "right click here and 'save as'" and it should download:


The song is done by "Bon Jovi" Wanted dead or alive. I came across this @ "A week ago, my girlfriend and I were watching a DVR'd show (Survivorman) and I saw a commercial promo for new seasons of the Discovery Shows I Shouldn't Be Alive and Deadliest Catch. The spot had an awesome (if not a bit pop-y) song playing in the background over the visual and I immediately knew that I wanted to download it. We wrote down some lyrics and I tried to Google them the next morning. No luck. What I did find was a message board with other song seekers that had been searching for weeks without an answer. Finally, after emails and phone calls to The Discovery Channel, someone (Kristen from Program Development) from the network vowed to check into it. Hold on -- I just came across this strand. I'm checking in with our marketing folks to ask. A day later, came her disappointing response. So, my colleague tells me that we had a group called CUE11 Music score that song (it's not, as some people speculated, Evanescence). Unfortunately it only lives as a one-minute and a 30-second cut, though. But it's great feedback for us to know people like it, and we've made note of that. Thanks for posting The news was disappointing for sure, but I think that everyone was grateful to Kristen for trying. Then two days ago, Kristen posted another message: After we saw all your posts, we went back to CUE11 and asked them to bring back Amanda, the singer, to record the full version of the song. We'll make it available online in the coming weeks. Thanks for the feedback. Now, that is what I call good customer relations! After listening to what their customers wanted, they actually took action. It's rare in this day and age to find this act from a company, so it's refreshing to see The Discovery Channel step up to the plate." There is even a link to download the segment: Unfortunately though, there is another version which has a great Celtic sounding song "...let me go home, let me go home, my wheels are broken, I want to go home" and I have been unable to turn anything up on this : ( Suggestions?

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Q: What song is featured on the commercials for the Deadliest Catch and I Shouldn't be Alive on the Discovery Channel?
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