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Was bowling at the Olympics before?

No. The International Olympic Committee recognizes bowling as an Olympic sport but has never added it to the Olympics. However, bowling has been an event of the Special Olympics since 1975.

Why do you have the Olympic flag?

cause its a special and old flag to represent the olympics

What are the Special Olympics?

It is the Olympic Games for people with learning disabilities. They are different to the Olympics and the Paralympics. See the link below.

Did Ireland host Olympic games-?

At this time, Ireland has not hosted the Olympics games yet. It did however host the Special Olympics in 2003.

What Olympic event contains 4 sports?

The special Olympics for idiots with t i t s

Is bowling an Olympic sport?

No, bowling is not an Olympic event and there is no timeline for adding it. However, bowling has been an event in the Special Olympics since 1975.

What are the rules for Canadian Olympics?

There aren't any special rules for "Canadian Olympics", it's the same rules as for any olympics. Check ou the link in the related question about olympic rules

2007 olympic games?

2007 Special Olympics World Summer Games (Shanghai)and 2007 Olympic Games of the Small States of Europe (Monaco) - GSSE -

How often are the Olympic games?

The Summer Olympics are held 4 years apart, The Winter Olympics are held 4 years apart, They alternate every 2 years. The Special Olympics are held immediatly after the regular Olympics

There are 3 different forms of Olympic Games they are what?

There are actually 4 different forms of Olympic games. The Summer, Winter and The Special Olympics are all established Olympiads. But starting with the inaugaral Olympiad in Singapore, 2010, there will also be the Youth Olympics.

When did Seattle host the Olympics?

It hasn't hosted The Olympic Games to date- however, in 2018 it will host the USA's Special Olympics, held for those with mental or intellectual disabilities.

What was special about Michael Johnson's victory at the sydney Olympics?

It was his second Olympic gold medal in the 400m. He successful defeated his title.

Have the Olympic Games ever been held in Dublin?

The Olympics have never been held in Dublin. However, in 2003, the Special Olympics World Summer Games were held in Dublin.

How many volunteers will be working at the Olympic games?

how many volunteers will be working at the olympics what is so special about the 680 hectare park (beijijng)

When was Special Olympics created?

Special Olympics was created in 1968.

Who began the special Olympics?

Eunice Shriver began the Special Olympics.

Is badminton in the special Olympics?

No, they don't offer badminton in special olympics

Why is the Olympics important to people?

The olympic games are important to people because it brings all the countries together to celebrate this special gift of movement we have.

What is special about the rings and the background color of the Olympic flag?

That's easy it has a color from every flag around the world to show peace and mutualism

When was the Special Olympics founded?

The Special Olympics was founded in 1962 and is an internationa organization.

Where will the 2011 Olympic Games be held?

There was no Olympics in 2011. The Summer Olympics are held every four years and the Winter Olympics are held every four years. However, there is an Olympics held every other year because the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics are held two years apart in alternating even-numbered years. However, there was a Special Olympics held in 2011. The 2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games was held in Athens, Greece from June 25 to July 4, 2011.

When are the Special Olympics held?

the summer special Olympics are held every four years, and alternate with the winter special Olympics every two years, same as the standard Olympics. The next summer Olympics will be in 2011, and the winter in 2013.

Where is the special Olympics?

The Special Olympics is held around the University of Nebraska Lincoln and the Lincoln community.

How was special Olympics founded?

i think special Olympics were founded because people needed it for their life

Can a disabled person be you the Olympics?

a disabled person can be in the special Olympics but not in the real Olympics

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