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The big song is "Superman" and did you know that 5 for Fighting is just one guy from LA??? Pretty talented guy!

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Why were the famous 5 fighting?

womens rights

Is 5 Leo rise a real band?

Its is a fictional boy band in the movie Taking 5! 5 Leo Rise is played by the famous band The Click 5!

What song is on the Channel 5 advert for Better With You?

The song is Youngblood by a band called Scams!

What girl band sings that song ill be there?

Its not a girl band , the jackson 5 sings that song (micheal jackson and his brothers and sisters) when they were younge

How do you get 5 gold stars an Rock Band?

Get a perfect on the song.

What is the song on scrubs season 5 episode 18?

Still Fighting It - Ben Folds, its an ace song!

Famous artist or band that starts with the letter M?

Maroon 5, Pat Mahonan..... One that I know of is a sort of famous band called Mae.

Who was the famous male singer who was in a band of 5 when he was younger?

Micheal Jackson

Who sung the last song in doctor who series 5 episode 10?

That song is Chances by the band Athlete.

What was moroon 5 most famous song?

she will be loved

What band sings the song Uniformity?

The band, "Dark Tranquility" performed the song Uniformity as the theme song for their album, "Construct". The song was well received by the International Board of Music and scored an average rating of 4.5/5 stars.

What was the first ever song that McFLY sang?

the first song McFly as a band made was 5 colours in her hair.

What modern rock band sings the song Harder to Breathe?

Maroon 5

What modern rock band sang the song harder to breathe?

Maroon 5

Who do you think is the best singer or band in the world?

The best band in the world is Maroon 5! I love thier song Payphone!

What kind of band were the Jackson 5 before they were famous?

Type your answer here... mowtown

Who coined the phrase 'famous for nothing'?

The Irish punk band 'Dropkick Murphys' has a song entitled "Famous for Nothing." The heavy metal band 'Simple Plan' also has a song named "Famous for Nothing." In the cultural context, the phrase "famous for nothing" seems to have generated organically, presumably with the rise of such 'stars' as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Essentially, the people who are famous for being famous. The headline "Famous for ... nothing" appeared in an ABC online news story on June 5, 2009. But the phrase has almost certainly been used in a broad media context before then.

How did Hollywood Undead become famous?

They became famous in 2005 by Myspace Hits with the song No. 5

What very popular rock band had 5 members before they became famous now have 4?

Jackson 5

Who sings the song on the swamp people trailer for season 5?

"I know what I am" by Band of Skulls

Which band did 5 seconds of summer Adore before getting famous?

one direction

What is the song on the Guitar Hero 5 advertisement?

The song of the guitar hero 5 advert is - OLD TIME ROCK AND ROLL by BOB SEGER & THE SILVER BULLET BAND

What song plays in The Walking Dead season 2 episode 5 ending?

Clutch is the band. Can't remember the. Ame of the song

What band sang the song 'five ten man'?

Aussie band, The Masters Apprentices sang "5:10 man" in 1969

Did Adam Levine write the song Payphone?

Yes he did because he as we'll chose of words and he is the leader singer and song composer if the band maroon 5