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Who sings the spring 2013 song for joe fresh commercials?

The band that sings the song for the spring 2013 Joe Fresh commercials is Sam and the Womp. The song is called Bom Bom.

What album was the song boys and girls by Blur from?

The song is actually called, "Girls and Boys". The song is off the "Parklife" Album by Blur. The band is most known for the song, "Song 2" which is used with tons of commercials.

What commercials as the song Feel Good Inc been in?


What is this American express song with the band in the background 2011?

If you're referring to the August/September commercials for the AXP/Gold card, The song title is "Lost In My Mind" , band is The Head And The Heart.

What is the Song played in the newest Encore commercials advertising the new 2011 movies something about a hero is in it What is that song called?

Band is concrete blonde

Chase commercial song?

There have been many Chase commercials in the history of the company. These commercials have used a few different songs.

Who sings the free credit reportcom song?

Eric Violette is the singer in The Free Credit Report.Com commercials. He appears with his band and The Free Credit Report.Com commercials debuted in 2008.

What was blurs most favourite song?

i believe "Song 2" was their most FAMOUS song, at least in the U.S. It is still used in various commercials and movies.

What was the song used in the UPMC commercials?

I bet you're thinking of "Love Theme" by Ennio Morricone from the movie Cinema Paradiso...though there have been SEVERAL commercials since that one, but most people are referring to that song. I found this article to be very interesting

What song is in the iPhone commercials?

The music featured in the iPhone commercials is from the song "Perfect Timing" by a band named Orba Squara. They are an "organic" music group from New York City. The newest song used in the commercials is The Submarines - You, Me, and the Bourgeoisie =) Also--Brand new song from September 2009 is Artist: The Submarines Song: Submarine Symphonika They also used a song called "Tongue-tied" by a band called Group Love which is absolutely amazing until that one chick starts singing. xD Take one of those ringtone makers and cut that part out. xD

Who sings the song used in the AT and T commercials Take a walk down memory lane?

Eddy Current Suppression Ring is the name of the band. The song is titled "Memory Lane"

Who wrote the song in the Cadillac commercial?

There are many songs that play during Cadillac commercials. One of the most popular songs that have been played during a Cadillac commercial is Tyler Cassidy's song "Christmas."

Who sings the song with the lyrics how long has this been going on?

The Band is "Ace", the song is called "How Long"

What is the band Queen's most successful song?

queens most successful song is bohimian rapsody and then it was we will rock you

Who sang the song Get Ready For This?

2 Unlimited produced the song, "Get Ready For This", a Dutch eurodance group. It is a surprisingly common song that has been used in many commercials and trailers.

What band cusses the most?

Eminem, in his song, Not Afraid

What is the Stone's song on the new DELL TV ad?

try the commercials section on What Is That Song?

Who sing the song on the new Joe commercial?

The name of the song is "Time for the Holidays" performed by Nate Krieswirth and his band Cancel Winter. All the songs from the Joe commercials can be found at:

What is the theme song of the new Campbells commercials?

There is no spific song

What is the name of the song in the most recent Burn Notice commercials?

The song is named "Blow" and it is by Ke$ha...just looked it up on youtube!

What is the song in the chantix commercials?


Where I can find the song or the artist and song name of the recent Chevy commercial it's a woman and kind of a folksy song?

try the commercials section of What Is That Song.

What's that song from the Samsung commercial?

The song from the Samsung commercial is Run. This is just one example of a song from these commercials. There are other commercials with other songs from different artists.

Did a kiss song ever appear in a commercial?

KISS is probably the highest grossing band as far as merchandise goes, they made action figures to thong panties and they had a ton of commercials with their songs in them. So the short answer is yes, but commercials for their own merchandise.

What is the song on the advert for ancestrycom?

I have been looking for it for months and just found it. There are a few but the song on most of the commercials plays a looped bit from the beginning of a song called the "String Quartet in F, Second Movement"... Check it out, hoped that helps. Here is the song: