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What song plays during the eneregizer lithium commercial?

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The song in the commercial is LORDE's "Glory and Gore."

If you are looking for the song that plays during the commercial, it is by Nick Drake, and the song is called "From The Morning"

In the "Imported From Detroit" car commercial, in the background is the beat from Lose Yourself. This commercial aired during the Super Bowl.

The song that is played during Degrassi's commercial is called "Shark in the Water" and is sung by VV Brown (I think) it says it before the commercial actually starts showing the characters.

if you mean the vmas commercial, the song is called coffee and cigarettes i think.

"Touched" by: VastCheck it out on YouTube

It's Chris Mann. You can Google him if you want.

"No Church in the Wild" by Jay-Z and Kanye West

Bruce Hulse plays Jim in the Xarelto commercial.

The song is 'Show me what im looking for' by Carolina liar

The song in the Vampire Diaries commercial is by the dead weather and is called "hang you from the Heavens." or "to lose my life" was also featured in the theme song/ commercial during the show.

What song plays in John Wall's Reebok commercial

Corrine Bohrer plays the therapist in the Mac commercial. This was a computer commercial which ran from 2006 until 2009 for Apple.

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