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Q: What song starts out with a pipe organ?
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Which is bigger a concertina a harmonium or a pipe organ?

pipe organ

Who discovered the pipe organ?

The pipe organ was invented by the Greek Ctesibius.

Which if these instruments is the largest pipe organ harmonium concertina?

Pipe Organ

What kind of instrument is the pipe organ?

The pipe organ is a keyboard instrument.

Which instrument is the largest harmonium pipe organ or concertina?

The pipe organ.

Who inventted the pipe organ?

The pipe organ was invented by the Greek inventor Ctesibius.

When was Organ pipe coral created?

Organ pipe coral was created in 1758.

What is the song that starts with an organ playing doo doo do do do do?

Star Wars No Dah no its not starwars....its on organ playing the intro

What sound does an organ pipe cactus make?

Organ pipe cacti make no noise.

Is a pipe organ in the orchestra?

Most of the time, pipe organs and orchestras do not play together. However, the song "Adagio in G Minor" by Tomaso Albinoni was written for orchestra and pipe organ, and I'm sure that there are other songs where the 2 play together.

Which instruments are most similar to a pipe organ?

The instruments most similar to a pipe organ are:Flute (pipe organ has flute pipes of different lengths)Harmonium

What is the patent number for the pipe organ?

There is none. The pipe organ was not invented. It developed in ancient times. However, there are thousands of patents concerning pipe organ parts.

What hip hop dance song starts out with the organ from toccata and fugue?

Whooty by eDubb

What country was the pipe organ made?

The first pipe organ, called the hydraulis, was invented in Greece.

When was Organ pipe mud dauber created?

Organ pipe mud dauber was created in 1773.

When was Moe Pipe Organ Company created?

Moe Pipe Organ Company was created in 1991.

When was Peragallo Pipe Organ Company created?

Peragallo Pipe Organ Company was created in 1918.

How did the organ-pipe cactus get its name?

The organ pipe cactus is a tall, slender cylindrical cactus, resembling an organ pipe, especially when they grow in groups of plants with differing heights.

In what desert is the organ pipe cactus found?

The organ pipe cactus is primarily found in the Sonoran Desert.

Where is Organ Pipe National Park?

Arizona ... it's called Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.

What is the largest rank of a pipe organ called?

It could be anything. It depends on the particular organ. The largest pipe or the largest rank? Read the Wikipedia article on pipe organ and get your terminology straightened out.

What are facts about organ pipe national park?

There are organ pipes.

Do you have facts about a pipe organ?

The article in Wikipedia under the topic pipe organ should provide ample information.

When was Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument created?

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument was created in 1937.

What does the organ trachea do for you?

its your wind pipe