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Q: What song was dedicated to lilley-Allen from her dad?
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Is Mariah Carey's dad dead?

Mariah Carey's dad died of cancer, she dedicated the song "bye bye" to him.

Has nick jonas dedicated a song to selena gomez?

Nick Jonas has not dedicated a song to Selena Gomez, but she has dedicated a song to him. The song is entitled "Head First".

Who is Mary's Song dedicated to?

Her neighbor. She would ask them about their relationship and she made a song out of it. The song is dedicated to Mary

What is a good acronym for Dad?

Dedicated and devoted

Which song was dedicated to Eminem's daughter?

the song he dedicated to his daughter was when im gone and mocking bird

Is the song eh eh dedicated to johnny?

no it is dedicated to someone else

What song is Justin Biebers mom and dad in?

the song "down to earth" is a song that Justin Bieber sings which is a song dedicated to his parents and people who's parents were divorced. It talks about how everything went wrong when the parents started fighting and about what he felt. It's a pretty emotional song

Was the song Smooth Criminal dedicated to anybody?


Who is the song toy soldiers dedicated to?


Who was the song favorite girl dedicated to?

Justin Bieber's favorite girl is Taylor Swift he even said it and the song Favorite Girl is dedicated to her.

What is Justin Bieber song named about his dad?

The song about his parents divorce is "Down to Earth" and the song about his dad is called "Where Are You Now"

Did Chris Brown sing a song dedicated to his love?

=== ===

Who is the song master blaster dedicated to?

Bob Marley

What beatles song is dedicated for a son?

hey jude

Did Jose Luis perales dedicate song y como es el to daughter maria?

My dad dedicated it to me...I guess he believes my dad( granfather) stole me from him...truth is he lost me, he gave me to my dad(gf). He raise me and I see him everyday in the morning, he grounds me and act more like a father than he will ever be..don't get me wrong i love them both...I know the circumstances and I don't blame him...and yes it is dedicated to Maria just like it is to me :)

How does Ronnie's dad die in the last song?

Ronnie's dad dies in the last song from stomach cancer.

Where can the lyrics for the song Dedicated to You be found?

Lyrics for the song "Dedicated to You" by Johnny Reid can be found from many sources online. Such sources include Metro Lyrics, Rap Genius, Song Meanings, and AZ Lyrics.

What was the song called that chris rea dedicated to Amanda mealing?

What was the song called that chris rea dedicated to Amanda mealing?" The song was That Girl of Mine and it featured on the album Dancing with Strangers, released in 1987

What cancer did the dad in the movie the last song die from?

Ronnie's dad from The Last Song died from Lung Cancer

What song did Lady Gaga write for her dad?

the song is "speechless"

Is keyshia cole song you remember dedicated to her mom?


To whom is David Archuleta's song dedicated to?

It's for eveyone.

Songs dedicated to mothers?

Boys to men - a song for mama

Who was g dragon's song breathe dedicated to?

The girl he had a dream about.

Who was Beethoven's song 'Eroica' dedicated to?

Napoleon (the french dictator)