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Q: What songs did they sing in the movie Beetlejuice?
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What are the songs from movie sing?

Movie Clip

In the movie Beetlejuice what was Beetlejuice's name?

The actor who played Beetlejuice was Michael Keaton. The characters name he played was Beetlejuice

Who played Beetlejuice in the movie Beetlejuice?

well the answer is Micheal kleaton

What songs did Penny sing in the movie Hairspray?

Penny has no solos in the movie Hairspray; however, she does sing portions of these songs:- "You Can't Stop the Beat"- "Without Love"

Did John Travolta sing the songs in Grease?

Yes he did sing the songs in the movie Grease.

Why do actors always sing songs?

if it is in a movie/tv show it would be a sing/dance one. is it is an album i don't know but they don't always sing songs

Did Christine Ghawi sing all the songs in the Celine Movie?

No she did not

Did Madonna really sing the songs in the movie Evita?


One More Time --songs from the movie?

Sing The Broklyn Story

What songs does sterling knight sing?

hero and starstruck for the movie starstruck

In the movie Dumbo what songs do the crows sing?

When I See An Elephant Fly

What is the movie Katy Perry part of me about does she sing her songs?

its about how she became famous but yes she most likely will sing

In which movie would you hear the quote?


Who was the director for the movie Beetlejuice?

Tim Burton.

In The Movie Grease How many songs did Sandy sing alone?

Sandy sings 2 songs on her own!

When was I Love to Sing the Songs I Sing created?

I Love to Sing the Songs I Sing was created in 1979.

In the movie 7 Dias what songs do the band U2 sing?

miracle drug

What songs did tammy townsend sing in the movie prechers kid?

One kiss

Who wrote the music for the movie Beetlejuice?

Danny Elfman

Who plays Lydia in the movie Beetlejuice''?

Winona Ryder.

Can someone explain the end of the movie beetlejuice?

i dk

When was The Songs That We Sing created?

The Songs That We Sing was created in 2006.

Does Sterling Knight sing hero?

Sterling Knight does not sing hero. But he is a singer and he does sing some songs. he is a really great singer. and he did sing before the movie Starstruck.

How do people sing songs?

People sing songs, if they are interested in singing and they are confidence to sing.

Do the actors in the movie lemonade mouth sing the songs?

They backup. Wen (Adam Hicks) raps in some songs, also.