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What songs do you think fit Near from Death Note?


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Maybe 'Grow Up' by Simple Plan, and probably 'Perfect' as well, every time I hear those songs I think of Near.


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Yes, Near is a character in Death Note

Near from death note because he actually won the battle in the end

there are 13 books and i think 9 movies (DVDs) my fav person is near yaaaaay

In episode 27: Abduction

Uhm, in the movie series, it's just a spin-off based on the previous movies. I don't think it has much relations to the manga story, since in the manga L dies because Rem killed him. In the Death Note 3, he dies after 23 days of writing his name on Misa's Death Note i think.It doesn't really have much to do with the other movies.But in Death Note 3, they introduce the character Near, but again they change it a bit. Like one, Near in the movie is a Thai boy, not like the Near in the manga.Basically Death Note 3 is about L's 23 days left before he dies. I'm still not sure if my answer is that accurate, but you can go here?

No, Near calls himself "N" He thinks he is the successor of L.

They are made automatically if the note is near the previous note

That is very likely but has not been confirmed.

He is 5'0" as stated in Death Note 13: How to Read.

He is one of L's successors, the elder out of him and Near

No, only Light Yagami, Mello (Mihael Keehl), Misa Amane, Teru Mikami, Kyomi Takada (When she kills Mello),Kyosuke Higuchi, Ryuk, Sidoh, and Rem use the Death Note. Near has nothing to do with the Death Note except to study it.

no near does not die. he realizes that the death note he got was fake and found the real one, in the end light/second L/Kira dies, and misa commits suicide.

Death Note: Another Note can be bought or purchased at any bookstore near you. There's no way to read it online, or so I'm told. Thanks for asking. -B.

at the end light dies and near wins

Near first appears in episode 26, appearing in most episodes after that.

Well the death note how to read 13 book tells you everyyythinggg. Near is 5'

Mello comes into Death Note in Chapter 60, in Volume 7, after L's death. He and Near are the two possible successors to L, but Mello refuses to work with Near and decides to go after Kira on his own, kidnapping Sayu, Light's younger sister.

If I remember correctly, Near had one of his agents trail Mikami then snuck into his locker or case of some sort, then switch the death note that Mikami had for a fake one, created by Near's men. Vigorously awesome :D

Be more specific....... if you check on itunes there is a CD called cosplay memories featuring Light's and L's theme DeathNote OST is also a CD with all the songs from death note......

Death Note. The Death Note manga is better then the anime.

There are three Death Note films : Death Note , Death Note : The Last Name and L : Change The World .

Well, If You Think About It, Near Is Always Sitting/Crouching, So, Nobody Really Knows How He Walks. Rin's A:- I suppose that because of the way he sits he probably walks like L, you know, hunched over.

high probability boy bacause he plays with toys of boys

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