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== == * I think what you are seeing is what we here call "boatmen." Once in a while, I find one or two in my pool, and I scoop them up and kill them. And they also bite and are tricky swimmers. I've noticed that if I'm low on my chlorine, they're around. In which case, I add more immediately. They actually live around ponds, etc., but I have a large body of water in the back yard. == == * These are water boatmen; they do bite, and yes, they can fly. Adding a non-foaming algaecide to your pool will get rid of them. They create an air bubble around themselves to breathe under water; the algaecide takes the oxygen out of the water (which is how it kills off algae) so that they cannot create the air bubble. If they can't breathe under water, they will leave! == == * If they bite they are most likely back swimmers, which look like boatmen but swim on their back. Bug out will kill them, unless you have a pebble-tec pool, I can't find anything that works.

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Q: What sort of bug looks like a fish with legs when it swims... and how do you keep them away from your pool?
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