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Different types of lab assistant jobs require different degrees. Some, require no special education at all. To become a chemical lab assistant, there is usually a requirement of at least an associates degree in chemistry.

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Q: What sort of education is required for a lab assistant job?
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What sort of training is required if you are interested in physician job radiology ?

A bachelors and a medical degree is required. Also special training for at least 5 years as an assistant.

What kind of education is needed for assistant accounts jobs?

Usually a job in the assistant accounting field requires some schooling. Usually you will get hired in at base pay for having your associates in business and accounting. The education required for an assistant acounting job is generally a bachelors degree in accounting. Sometimes you can have less education but the more education the more likely you are to be hired and advance in the company.

What is the required education for a vet assistant?

Typically a high school education (however not required) and short-term on-the-job training. This is not to be confused with a veterinary technician or technologist where the educational requirements are much more extensive.

What education is required to get a teacher's assistant certification?

The requirements for a teacher's assistant certification is quite lax when it comes to education; it is dependent on which school district/state the teacher's assistant wishes to work in. The only required education a teacher's assistant needs is a high school diploma combined with on the job training. However, some college education or a college degree in something related to the education field/working with children is preferred and provides better opportunities. There are available college programs for graduate students that specifically address teacher's assistant.

What requirements are necessary to become an assistant principal?

To become an assistant principal is it required that you have a Masters degree in Education. Teaching experience and good communication skills are also musts in order to obtain and be successful at this job.

Is it hard to get a celebrity assistant job?

It all depends on what sort of gcse's you have, what knowledge you have.

What education is required in Romania?

This depends on the job.

What are the education requirements required for an IT job?

The education requirements for a IT job depends on the job and can range from almost none to a college degree.

What sort of training is necessary to work for travel agencies?

A high school education is typically required. Most of the needed training for the job is acquired as you begin to work.

How much education does one need for a veterinary assistant career?

There are few or none specific education requirements for a veterinary assistant. They mostly rely upon on the job training.

What minimum education required for this job?

Well first we need to know the job.

What are the skills required for a legal assistant job in the US?

The requirements for both paralegals and legal assistants require at least a Bachelor's degree in some sort of Law expertise, with the enrollment in a Law program.

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