What sort of jobs are there to be when you grow up?

There are tons of jobs out there for you to be when you grow up.
You can become a doctor - if you really are interested in medicine.
If not, a nurse - helping doctors and patients.
Or maybe you're into the medical tech jobs?

If not health/medicine:
You could specialize in the sciences?
Become a scientist of your own special field of interest, such as:
Chemistry - Organic Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, etc.
Biology - Microbiologist, Marine Biologist, etc.
Physics - Physist, etc.

Or maybe you're interested in becoming an engineer?
Those careers make a lot of money.

Or you could go into Architecture?
It's a mix between physics, engineering, and art.

If you're not interested in Science or Health or Engineering:
Go into the Arts and Humanities field.

Become an editor? a writer? a publisher?

Work in public relations?

Working as a Lawyer maybe?

Figure out the hobbies and interests that YOU love. Eventually, along the road you'll figure out what type of job you'll love!
Remember this is about you! Don't pick a job because someone told you to go into that field.