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Insurance companies are famous for hiring anybody with a college degree. Insurance agents, clains adjusters and underwriters. They are typically most interested in one's character and personality type. Same goes for financial advisors.

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Q: What sort of jobs can one get with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies?
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Should you take Interdisciplinary studies or Biology or Physics or Chemistry if you want to become a psychologist?

The best major to do is a science major when wanting to become a medical doctor of any sort. Interdisciplinary studies seems to be less popular nowadays because of the huge advancements in technology and the scientific community. Taking interdisciplinary studies that are offered as your electives would be the wisest choice. If you are wondering which looks better on a degree then sciences would. However, have knowledge of both to really excel in your field. Physics is a must however chem or bio. should be your choices. Bio. and chem. will also have physics in the criteria and the opportunity to take interdisciplinary studies will be there.

What sort of classes would you be required to take in order to get a degree in biblical studies?

Classes that you would be required to take in order to get a degree in biblical studies would be theology classes. One college that offers these classes is Nazareth.

What are the coolest electronic jobs?

The coolest electronic jobs include building, testing, and programming electronic boards and devices. You will most likely need some sort of degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering to do these jobs.

What sort of jobs can one find with an engineering degree?

Engineering degrees can open up many jobs for graduates. One is working with a product development firm to create logistics with new products. There are other jobs.

What sort of jobs are you qualified for with a degree in International Business?

A degree in International Business prepares students for careers with major international companies. These companies are often in the shipping, transportation, and manufacturing fields.

What type of jobs does Bank of America offer to those seeking employment?

Without any sort of financial related degree, one might be able to get a job as a teller. With some sort of degree, one may be able to work as a financial adviser or planner.

What sort of jobs did Jews have?

Normal jobs you racist!

What microscopes do forensic laboratory analysts use?

what sort of jobs use microscopes what sort of jobs use microscopes

What do Australian's do for work?

things we do the jobs there are sort of like the jobs in america

What questions do I need to ask when looking into Radiography Schools?

You need to know what sort of degrees they offer and exactly what sort of equipment they will train you to operate. You want to learn how to use those machines which offer you the best jobs once you have a degree.

What sort of job can I get with an accounting degree?

Accounting degrees give students skills that translated into a number of different jobs. The main ones are accountants, tax advisors, and financial analysts.

What sort of jobs did most immigrants have in 1900?

Low-paying, hard-labor jobs

Is an interdisciplinary study degree the best-rounded degree?

The goal of a liberal arts education is to be well rounded. There was a time when it was thought that learning Latin and French made for a highly civilized human being. And just because someone wants to become a CPA, doesn't mean he or she won't benefit from learning about American History. So there's that. There are some students, however, who have very specific career goals in mind; that's what the interdisciplinary studies program is for. It allows the student to work with the academic advisor to create a "new" major, if you will, that best suits the student's career goals. It creates a sort of Chinese menu of the curriculum that allows you to choose 2 from Column B and 3 from Column A to create a plan of study that will support your plans for the future.

What sort of jobs did Hercules do?

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What sort of jobs did Ancient Nubian People do?


What are the educational requirements for jobs in the billing departments of hospitals?

The educational requirements for jobs in the billing departments of hospitals may vary from hospital to hospital. Some may only require previous experience, while others may require an accounting degree of some sort.

What sort of jobs do poor people in India have?

Jobs that people would not prefer to have such as fisfing through the sewer.

What jobs do people do in the UK?

The same sort of jobs people do in the USA and most everywhere else. Service jobs, professional, labor... Etc.. =)

What sort of jobs did the Iroquois Indians have?

Cheif and co-cheif

What sort of jobs are there in kyushu?

Kyushu is the 3rd largest island located in Japan and the most southwesterly of its 4 main islands. The sort of jobs that are available in Kyushu are factory, teaching, and restaurants.

Is further education required to become a financial services sales agent?

Some jobs like this do require a degree of some sort. It all depends on your level of education and experience. If you are highly experienced, and qualify for the job position, you may be able to avoid having to take a degree.

What sort of degree is needed to become a behaviorist?

I do believe that my counselor said you need a Psychology/Sociology degree

What sort of hotel jobs are there besides housekeeping jobs?

There are various kinds of jobs in a hotel. These are the following common hotel jobs: Cook Chef Scene manager Picollo Receptionist

What sort of training is available to qualify for nurse psychiatric jobs in Philadelphia?

There are many programs in community colleges around Philadelphia. All of them will have some sort of program that you can enroll in that will prepare you for psychiatric jobs.

What kind of college degree do you need to coach high school cross country?

You don't need necessarily need any sort of degree, but coaching a high school sport is not a full time job. High school coaches also have jobs as teachers or work outside of school.

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