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he mostly did french impressinish paintings

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I think he painted on some sort of canvas.Answer 2:Yes, he did.

At first he painted dark, sad paintings. After seeing some Japanese paintings he began to paint more bright, happy paintings.

Oil paintings of all kinds of subjects.

he sometimes wore a straw hat and dark long suit sort of jacket

The impressionists were famous for their daubs of paint, daubs, specks and short swishes that blended wonderfully into vibrant scenes when viewed from a distance. Examples of this sort of painting would be Seurat, Van Gogh and Monet.

Andrew Wyeth was from Chads Ford, PA and most of his paintings were inspired by his surroundings. His style was predominately regionalist and his subjects included the land and people that were around him.

He used acrylic paint in 1950's and 1960's. This paint allowed him to give 3-d to his paintings also called "knife work" by artists, as they used a sort of knife to apply thick paint in certain areas. Later he moved away from paints and used watercolors, pen and pencil, etc. Some of his more modern and famous works used paint, and I would assume that paint was similar to his early acrylic paint.

His paintings are considered to be Post-Impressionist.

Yes but you will have to buy some sort of special porcelain paint.

Click link below and see for yourself.

some paint types are glossier than others and some paint types will like sort of melt your wall so get bear paint (it is the best

Well, sort of. Rattle can paint is nowhere near as durable as the factory paint, so it will scuff and flake easily.

light brown,a sort of tan

add a small amount of black paint to the green paint (if it is paint or liquid of some sort) and mix it well. you can vary the darkness by adding more black paint.

Acrylic Nylon Rubber Plastic Paint

This is sort of like asking "how many paintings are there?" There are an infinite number of possible electrical schematics.

One prime with the anti corrosion, one paint, one clear. Sometimes they add sealant (sort if wax).

He started with naked bodies e.t.c then still life

they were usually paintings of people hunting animals with spears and other tools. they usually told a story. they were the earliest sign of any sort of writing/drawing before hiroglyfics.

a variety, statues, paintings, stained glass windows (sometimes) tapestries, that sort of thing. Hope it helps!

they did paint. but mostly they would chizzle stone. but they were very skilled painters. they mostly used a mixture of food, like raspberries and blueberries with flour, to make their paint. they didn't have the sort of mixture we have today.

When painting a wooden horse, one must choose a paint that is suitable for wood and doesn't damage the surface of the horse. Acrylic paint is one option that is suitable for wood.

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