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What sort of questions can you be asked when you go for a visa in the usembassy?

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How do you answer the questions asked in an interview for the US Visa?


What type of questions could be asked in visa interview by German embassy?

There are many times of questions that could be asked in a Visa interview by the German embassy. Most of these questions will ask about work, residency, and citizenship.

What questions is a perspective migrant asked during a visa interview when migrating to Australia?

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How long can people visit tokyo?

refer to visa for visa questions

How do you adequately answer questions from a visa officer when interviewed for F1 visa?

You answer confidently and honestly really. If they do not have reason to belive that you are illegal, then there is no reason to not grant you the visa.

What are some frequently asked questions about immigration?

*How long does the visa processing take? *Are dependents routinely included in the grant of visa? *Are pets included in my Visa? *What qualifications are needed? *Can reputation for exceptional talents and achievements obtained anywhere else carry great weight in terms of obtaining visa? *What are the health requirements? *Am I allowed to work or study in Australia? *What is a permanent resident? *Can I Appeal Visa Application Rejection? Source:

Please specify which category of Australian visa- visitor, permenant residency or student visa?

If you are asking about a student visa then the first step is to apply to an australian university and secure an admission acceptance from there. Then you need to arrange you financial papers in order to show the visa officer that you have enough fund to support urself when you reach there and get a date for a visa that can be done online by fillinf a form. Prepapre youself for all possible questions that can be asked on that day.

What is a not guilty adjudication do i have to declare in the tier two visa application to UK?

You have to answer fully and truthfully ALL the questions you are asked to provide answers for. You must not hide anything or write anything that is not true.

What type of questions could be asked in visa interview by Canadian embassy?

Questions 1. What is the name of the place where you workQuestions 2. How many people work at this restaurant?Questions 3. What is your job?Questions 4. What hours do you work?Questions 5. Do you serve both food and alcohol?Questions 6. What are some of the things on the menu?Questions 7. What is your favorite thing on the menu?Questions 8. Where is the restaurant located?Questions 9. When did you begin working there?

Can M1 Visa be changed to F1 visa?

I had a lot of questions about the M1 visa, and I found an article about it on the Visa Library website that answeres all the questions that are often asked regarding this visa. So I recommend you visit this website.As far as I know, M1 visa holders can change their visa status to another visa, but there are limitations. For example, they cannot apply for an F1 or student visa. They also cannot obtain an H1B work visa. Unfortunately, you can not apply for a Green Card unless:1- You Have extraordinary abilities2- You can invest in the United States or3- Marry an American citizen or a person who has legal US citizenship.I hope your visa application process goes well.I appreciate if you please like my comment if it was useful to you.

What are immigration question for tourist to Dubai?

If visiting Dubai on work or visit visa, tourists will not be asked any questions. If visiting Dubai on a visa-on-arrival, Â Immigration questions include the purpose of visit, proof of having enough money for the stay, proof of somewhere to stay while visiting, and proof of a return or onward ticket to leave Dubai.

What kind of questions ask in c1d type us visa interview?

You can Check out the Various C1D Interview questions along with answers here :

How do you get a visa extension while living in France?

If you are currently staying in France and want to be granted a visa extension, you will have to apply for it in the "préfecture" of the department you are staying, or a "sous-préfecture". If you do not know where it is, just ask at the town hall or follow the link. You will be asked your motives for an extension, plus all the same questions you had to reply to for the visa proper.

Where is your issue number on a visa electron card?

VISA cards do not have issue numbers, it is for Switch/Solo only. if you are asked for it enter 0.

Canadian Embassy interview questions asked to work permit applicant?

it is depend upon visa officer he want to take interview or not. some time he takes interview but mostly cases he check profile of applicant if he have any doubt in work visa application than defiantly he will take interview.

At the US embassy how many time that people fail and US can't allow them to live there forever?

The number of people who fail the interview are not given the US visa. This number depends with how well they answered the questions asked.

Where are the numbers and codes on visa debit card?

card security code and sort code and my card number is located where on my visa debit bank card

Under what circumstances would you be asked to provide visa information?

If you answer "Other" to the question, "What is your citizenship?"

What are some questions on the China Visa Application form?

Some of the questions on the China Visa application form are about name, occupation, etc. Others are about the length of stay, provinces to be visited, financial support during the stay, and other details.

Does a New Zealand passport holder need a visa for Spain?

Probably. You need some sort of visa to get into most countries. Ask a travel agent they know about visas etc.

Ratio of students from Pakistan given a student visa for Canada?

ITs all the game of luck ....Visa officer gives visa on his mood If he has intended to give you the visa may be he would never look up to your documents but If he has decided not to give the visa he refuse the visa and arise different questions in order to guard his decision whenever you apply for student visa make sure that Your mother would be praying for you while visa officer is processing your application..........

Reason why you wish to work in the US?

When applying for a work visa to stay in the United States, one of the questions you may be asked is why you wish to work in the United States. You need to give your reasons, such as the chance to earn a better income or lack of job availability at home.

Where can you find out more about visa?

You can find more information about visa through their website or by calling the company directly and ask any questions you have as well as through banks and financial advisors.

Can you play minecraft with a pre paid visa card?

Why i have just done the same thing you asked,yes u can.

Where can one apply for a no annual fee Visa card?

One can apply for a type of Visa card with no annual fee at Visa's website. There is a series of questions to determine if one is eligible for such a card.